House of the Dragon is about to introduce 17 dragons; Here’s a list of their names and Riders

Game of Thrones has also been about the dragons and the upcoming title House of the Dragon is expected to show some big action adventures of the dragons.

House of the Dragon has come out to be the talk of the town and ever since the Game of Thrones was wrapped up, the fans have eagerly waited for more updates to come in from the authorities on the new title and the new title could be covered afterall.

Game of Thrones has featured some of the major dragons and the audience had a big response to it there have been big talks about the upcoming project of House of the Dragon and mentioning the part that there has been a big hype about which dragons will be stepping in the upcoming project and how the story will be fitting in at the time.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragons is expected to feature some of the biggest dragons

Though to mention that the viewers would not have to wait for the title to hit the screens and to know more about the dragons which will be shown in the title. Though there have been big predictions at the time to how which dragons will be shown over in its debut year the showrunner named Miguel Sapochnik opened up that the upcoming season of the show would be featuring over nine of the House Targaryen’s 17 dragons and the fans are hyping up about it whereas it was also mentioned that every dragon will be serving over a different look at the time.

The alum of Games of Thrones also opened up by stating that the dragons which will be shown in the upcoming show will be easy to differentiate at the time with their personalities and each dragon showed would have their own personality trait according to the personality and the following nine dragons are most likely to appear in the upcoming House of the Dragon series.


Syrax is known as a giant yellow-scaled dragon and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen will be the rider.


Sunfyre is known to be a gold dragon with golden flames and Aegon Targaryen will be the rider.


Dreamfyre is known to be slim standing out as a beautiful blue dragon and consisting of silver wings and though Dreamfyre accepted Helaena Targaryen as the second rider at the time.


Caraxes has been shown as the large red dragon and is generally known as Blood Wyrm and Daemon Targaryen came out to be the second in his family to mount the large dragon.


Meleys is known to be a swift red and a pink she-dragon whereas Rhaenys Targaryen came out to be the second Targaryen to sit on the large dragon.


Vermithor is generally known to be one of the largest dragons to fly through Westeros and the beast belongs to King Jaeherys.


Vhagar has been known to be one of the three dragons who came out to help Aegon and is known as the bronze dragon which has green blue coloring along with green eyes and though Prince Aemond Targaryen is known to be her last rider.


Seasmoke has been shown as the silver-gray dragon and it accepted Laenor Velaryon as the rider.


Tessasrion is also known as the “Blue Queen” because it has dark blue wings along with the dragon flame and also with copper flames and trim whereas to mention that Prince Daeron Targaryen came out as the rider of the dragon.

These are the especially predicted dragons that are expected to show up in the upcoming House of the Dragon whereas to mention that some of the other favorites which are also expected to return are Silverwing along with Arrax, Vermax, Tyraxes, and the Moondancer and there has also been word that some of the hatchlings will also be showed ahead in the new season of the show and though more information on the new dragons will only be covered once the show hits the screens we now know how many dragons will be stepping in at the time as the show comes out on big anticipation.

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