Honor 50 Dons An Unique Design For Its Set Of Rear Cameras – See Pics

A novel design with two circular cases has been seen in an official teaser photograph of the Honor50 series.

The Honor 50 Series was launched later this month, Honor revealed, and last week we got a quick look at the teaser. Now Honor seems to have taken a deeper look, and third parties have shown us an insane camera design on the impending phones.

The rear of the phone is displayed in an image on the Honor Weibo account, complete with a smooth silver hue. But look a little closer, and you will notice two circular camera boxes, one with an appearance of a huge camera sensor and the other with three smaller cameras and a flash. For a closer look, click on the image below.

For a huge pill-shaped one with two huge circles, HONOR slides down the HONOR 30’s rectangular camera box. Inside a single big camera sensor, the first camera should be inside the top circular while the underneath housing a zoom lens periscope and a third camera sensor. There is a glitzy finish that complements the color of the phone in the region around the camera box.

The HONOR 50 is available in the form of Yellow, Blue, and Purple, and we are pleased that the branding Honor on the rear is considerably smaller than its humble predecessor.

Honor is suspected to have either an extremely high-resolution primary camera (e.g. 100MP) or a large main sensor with significantly lesser resolution (similar to the 20MP one-inch sensor in the Sharp Aquos R6). Each strategy has both advantages and disadvantages, but it clearly feels like we are in a position to get more megapixels.

We also saw more traditional main cameras, coupled with micro-gimbal configurations for greater stability, making it possible to create a larger body as well. However, the remaining three cameras have no details, but we think that here you can have extreme wide-angle and telegraph lenses.

The Honor 50 series focuses on vlogging and hence has supplied the facilities for video recording. What those will be is not quite apparent — it might also be linked to the front-facing camera that is not shown in this photo.

Honor has earlier stated that the Snapdragon 778G chipset will operate its upcoming series. He said that a “high-quality Qualcomm chipset” new Honor Magic series would also be released. A Twitter business account also suggested that Google’s phones would help with a now-deleted message.

Honor confirmed the formal presentation of Honor 50 at a Shanghai event in China on 16 June. You might have expected the Honor 40 because Honor V40 was the latest release (at least in China). Traditionally, the V-models have the same number as regular flagships, so we’d expect the Honor 40, the V50, and the 50 series.

The pricing tag for the Honor 50 still has no details. It is also relatively unexplored, as Huawei was sold late last year to relieve Huawei from the embargo in the United States, which prevents Huawei from trading with several US businesses including Google.

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