Hollywood is Still in SHOCK because of the SUDDEN DEATH of Bob Saget

Bob Saget was a popular stand-up comedian and he recently a podcast where he was joking about covid and sharing things from his is life. But he was found dead at the hotel in which he was staying and after the autopsy of the late actor. The police told that there is no foul play there is no drug overdose or any kind of illegal substance there. That might have been consumed by the late comedian.

The news came shocking to many Hollywood actors who were close to Bob Saget

Guy Fieri, Whoopi Goldberg, Jim Norton, and Norman Lear all shared their reactions to the loss of their “friend” as well. One of the most heartbreaking responses to the news of Saget’s death, however, comes from his “Full House” co-star John Stamos, who wrote, “I am broken. I am gutted. I am in complete and utter shock. I will never have another friend like him. I love you so much Bobby,” (via Twitter). With Hollywood’s response, it’s clear that Bob Saget was very well-beloved and will be missed greatly by many.

While his podcast is the last thing of him and something that is currently being heard by everyone becomes popular he joked about Omicron saying it has become popular a few days back when Bob Saget’s podcast went live he was heard talking about lots of things and in one of them he joking shared about his Covid-19 experience and he said during the podcast that he had Covid-19 and is not sure that if it was Omicron or Delta or maybe both. But he also added joking that when he was in hospital around 200 people came to visit him and thought he might die actually. But he also told that Covid-19 is really bad and it is something that one should not take lightly and people should try to keep themselves safe and all.

While the internet is also shocked and sad that one of the best comedians of all is no longer with them and everyone close to him has given their respects to the Comedian.

While Some feel his death is very mysterious and that no one can find out what is the actual reason for his death it is coming as a mystery. While many shared that Bob Saget’s was a very healthy person and was full of life and he always loved to talk about the things that mattered to him his friends and other people in his life.

His fans are devastated by his death and they are sharing his greatest stand-up of all over social media and paying their last rites in their way.

Everyone is very shocked about his death and that he is no more and fans and Hollywood itself is still are not able to believe that this is true.


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