High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3 Disney+ Release Date

The Disney+ Day has been a huge hit followed by some striking announcements and revelations. The day also bought in some great news for the ones who are eagerly waiting for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3.

The series is an American docu-comedy musical drama created by Tim Federle. The musical drama is said to be inspired by the High School Musical film series and produced by Chorus Boy and Salty Pictures. This production is in association with the Disney Channel. The previous season was not a sequel of the original season but was just used for namesake. The first season was based on the fabrication of The East High School in Salt Lake City while the second season was based on the beauty and beast for the musical in spring. The same is expected for the third season as the makers will be shifting their focus from one place to another this time from Utah to Los Angeles and the storyline will not be depending on any of the previous seasons of the series.

Can Frozen be linked to the upcoming season?

The makers drooped down the news on the official handle of Disney+ along with the snowflake emoticon and even used the word chill along with it. This has led to fans thinking that the storyline this time might have something to do with the FROZEN, an animated musical fantasy that was broadcast In the year 2013 by the Walt Disney animation studios.

Neither the makers nor Disney itself have revealed anything as such for now and have kept everything hidden. Following the pattern of the previous two seasons, the series might be based on a summer musical and hence is expected to arrive on the platform next year by the summers. The initial season arrived in November 2019 followed by the second season in may this year. the hype and the increasing popularity have resulted in the third renewal of the series by the makers. The renewal was initially announced earlier in September this year. However, on the occasion of Disney+ Day, the makers dropped down the year of its release with some statements, which fans took as indirect hints about the storyline. However, no release date was announced as such.

As of now, nothing much has been confirmed by the makers about the star cast and whether this time the famous OLIVIA RODRIGO will just be a mere guest appearance or will have a full-fledged role. Olivia Rodrigo who became an instant hit when her album SOUR drooped earlier this year in may was seen as a guest as a talented songwriter in season second of the musical series. The singer was appreciated for her brilliant acting skills and of course for her voice. Ever since the news has been dropped, the fans are curious to know about her presence. If the sources are to be believed, the makers have planned on retaining some old cast and some new faces might be seen in the series. But nothing is confirmed for now and the suspense has been a reason for the increasing buzz for the show.


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