He’s All That 2 Release Date Announcement And Latest News, Is It Likely To Be Renewed?

He’s all that, is the gendered-reversed remake of 90’s teenage romance-comedy ‘She’s all that ‘ that was released on August 19 January 1991. This remake was directed by Mark Waters and the screenplay was planned by R.Leo Fleming Jr. The story revolves around High Schoolgirl and a beauty influencer Padgett Sawyer ( played by Addison Rae).


Padgett Sawyer is in love with a hot pop star named Jordan Van Draanen. However later it gets revealed that the latter was cheating on her. On knowing this, Padgett plans revenge on her ex-boyfriend and also tries to protect her self-esteem by transforming one of her nebbish classmates and a social media influencer named Cameron (Tanner Buchanan) into a prom king and tries to make her ex jealous by faking to be a couple with Cameron.

However, destiny plans differently, and eventually and slowly Padgett starts falling in love with Cameron. This is the time she also realizes that people fake themselves up on social media. There is a different side of people in reality to what they portray on social media.

Here comes the crux of the story, that is social media isn’t all that people feel and experience it’s an illusion mirror that fakes perfection. The movie will also strike in your heart to feel your emotions from your heart and not just going with the flow as is happening in today’s dynamic life.


Well! The answer to this question is that to date there has been no official announcement from Netflix, neither from the producer and the casted team. Also, looking at the reviews of the remake that has 31 % rotten tomatoes from audience poll rating and has a rating of 4.4/10 on IMDb it is tough to say that movie hardly did average even. Critics believe that it was the improper script and not-so-well acting skills and dialogue delivery of the film that didn’t go well. Also, the remake couldn’t re-create the charm of the original film ‘She’s all that.

However, two factors that could be a ray of hope to those waiting for a sequel to the film are the huge fan base of the TikTok sensation and the lead female of the movie Addison Rae, if her fans could create big buzz for Netflix to bring back the sequel of the film. As a is the factor that determines the return of part 2 of the film is the audience’s excitement level.

One more possibility could be the expected cameo of Rachael Leigh Cook as the mother of Padgett Sawyer.

Another factor that determines the return of part 2 of the film is the audience’s excitement level.


The cast that is expected to return includes Addison Rae, Tanner Buchanan, Madison Petter, Annie Job, Petyon Meyer, and Isabella Crovetti.

It will be interesting to witness when is Netflix ready to bring back this romance-comedy to your screens and how the team works to improve its reviews and screenplay.


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