Here For The Tea Cause of Death: What We Know About the YouTuber’s Tragic Passing

The YouTube community is mourning the loss of one of its most influential and respected members, Samantha Rabinowitz, better known as Here For The Tea. The drama and commentary YouTuber, who had nearly 400,000 subscribers on her channel, reportedly died peacefully in her sleep on November 8, 2021. Her sister, Lisa Greenspoon, confirmed the news on Rabinowitz’s Instagram account, where she posted a heartfelt message to her fans and followers.

Who was Here For The Tea?

Here For The Tea was a pioneer in the YouTube drama and commentary genre, exposing scandals and controversies involving some of the biggest names in the beauty and influencer industry. She started her channel in 2016 and quickly gained a loyal fanbase for her investigative and informative videos. She was also known for being private and mysterious, never revealing her face or personal details on her social media platforms.

Some of the topics she covered on her channel include:

  • The feud between James Charles and Tati Westbrook
  • The allegations of racism and sexual misconduct against Jeffree Star
  • The lawsuit between Tana Mongeau and Simplynessa15
  • The drama between Jaclyn Hill and her ex-husband Jon Hill
  • The controversy over NikkieTutorials’ coming out video

She also collaborated with other popular YouTubers, such as Manny MUA, Laura Lee, Jackie Aina, and Rich Lux.

How did Here For The Tea die?

The exact cause of Here For The Tea’s death has not been revealed publicly. However, some of her friends and fellow YouTubers have hinted that she had been struggling with some health issues for a while. On November 2, 2021, she tweeted that she had received some “devastating news” and needed to be offline for a while. She thanked everyone who had reached out to see if she was okay and promised to post again soon.

On November 7, 2021, she updated her Instagram followers that she was still dealing with some personal matters and asked for their patience. She also said that she would be posting a new video on Monday, November 8, 2021. Unfortunately, that was the last time she communicated with her fans before her death.

How did the YouTube community react to Here For The Tea’s death?

The news of Here For The Tea’s death shocked and saddened many people in the YouTube community, especially those who knew her personally or admired her work. Many of them took to social media to express their condolences and pay tribute to her legacy.

Manny MUA, who was one of Here For The Tea’s closest friends, tweeted that he was heartbroken by the news and that he loved her so much. He also shared a screenshot of a text message he had sent to her sister, thanking her for letting him know and offering his support.

Laura Lee, another friend of Here For The Tea, told E! News that she was extremely devastated by the news and that she was grateful for having her as a part of her life. She also said that she was sending prayers and love to her family and loved ones.

Tati Westbrook, who had been involved in one of the biggest dramas that Here For The Tea covered, tweeted that she was in total shock by the news and that she was praying for her family and loved ones. She also said that it didn’t feel real at all.

Other YouTubers who posted emotional messages for Here For The Tea include Jackie Aina, Rich Lux, Peter Monn, Dustin Dailey, Nick Snider, Angelika Oles, Smokey Glow, Jen Luvs Reviews, and many more.

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