Henry Cavill to appear as Superman in Black Adam, CONFIRMED!!!

Since The Rock started sharing his details about the project Black Adam fans have been excited to see The Rock in his first even superpower villain role. Black Adam is the same as Shazam but in terms of power Shazam has huge benefit but his current champion to wizards Black Adam also draws but taking the name and he gets his power from gods and deities but still, Shazam shares a greater portion of wizards power and in history of both Shazam and Black Adam Shazam has always won against him.

Black Adam is a villain who wants to change the world according to his will and that doing will lead him to power and become ruler. But he will be faced with Heroes who will try to stop him. Recently some fans are betting that Superman will be there to fight with the Black Adam in the movie. While some also shared their ideas on it. You can see it here.


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Henry Cavill has played the role of Superman and fans expected him to be back after some time but seems like we can see him sooner as The Rock has also confirmed that yes Superman will fight the Black Adam the only he is not sure of is that who will be playing the Superman. Many believe the role of Superman should be played by Henry Cavill only. But seems like there are slight chances the studio is thinking of whom to choose Superman as. While this can be or cannot be true. The Rock has been some major hits back to back and seems like this project will be no different as DC is also investing a lot this time on budget because of The Rock.

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Henry Cavill will appear as Superman in Black Adam that has already been confirmed by rock and many websites till now so that is not something new. We could be seeing them battling with each other. Though Shazam is the Arch nemesis of Black Adam and he hates Shazam to his guts but we have seen some of them in many Animated movies that they from time to time have to fist bows between them. Superman and Black Adam have extreme powers so they are suitable competition for each other. Black Adam will release in 2022.

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