Henry Cavill HATES Robert Pattinson for STEALING Twilight and Harry Potter Roles from Him

A lot of drama is covered in the industries and the big news is running out that Henry Cavill has been furious toward Robert Pattinson for basically stealing his roles. Henry Cavill is a famous actor and is originally known for his role of Superman in the DC movies whereas to mention that the personality has been a part of a number of big hits at the time and though the other famous role which he recently performed was of Geralt from The Witcher which was brought upon by Netflix.

Mentioning the part that there has not been any kind of shortage for him in the roles as the big projects have always been lining up for the character but there were other two major roles that he was slipped out from and there is also news reporting from the sources that he has still not moved on from this situation.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill and Robert Pattinson have not been talking for long

Despite the fact that he stands out as a famous actor at that period of time, the other part which would have made him really big in the industry if he would have gotten the crucial roles in Twilight and Harry Potter but there are some big news that he lost those roles to Robert Pattinson over the time.

Both of the actors crossed paths back in the day as they came forward for the auditioning of the role in Harry Potter and thus the role of Cedric was needed in the movie which was then moved ahead and given to Robert Pattinson at the time whereas mentioned that his role of Cedric in the movie was recognized throughout by the famous movie creators and hence he eventually recieved the role of Edward Cullen from Twilight.

Henry Cavill


Robert’s performance in the movie went out to be a great one that was recognized and it finally led to the role of the vampire in the movie Twilight. Another part to look over is that the famous author of the title named Stephanie Meyer went ahead to mark Cavill as the perfect one for the role of Edward Cullen in her blog she posted back in 2007 but the part that he could not get the role at the time was that he was 24 years old at the time and the creators found it hard for Cavill to play the role of 17 years old when the filming of the movie began.

There has been more news reported from the sources at the time that Henry Cavill has been furious with Robert Pattinson ever since from the start and when this situation took place while to mention that things are yet to be sorted out between them and the audience are wishing the best to them at the time and hopes for the part of everything stands out to be fine for them ahead.

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