Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine: A Unique Dining Experience in Hong Kong

If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, the cute and iconic cartoon character from Japan, you might want to visit the world’s first Hello Kitty-themed dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is a restaurant that serves traditional Chinese dishes with a twist: they are all shaped or decorated with Hello Kitty’s face, bow and whiskers.

What is Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine?

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is a restaurant that opened in 2015 in Hong Kong, near the Austin MTR station. It is the first and only restaurant in the world that has been officially licensed by Sanrio, the Japanese company that owns the Hello Kitty brand. The restaurant offers about 40 choices of dishes, half of which are inspired by Hello Kitty. The dishes range from dim sum (small steamed or fried bites) to noodles, rice and desserts. The prices are affordable, from HK$42 to HK$238 (US$5 to $30) per dish.

The restaurant is decorated with Hello Kitty elements, such as lanterns, paintings, chopstick holders and tableware. The staff also wear specially-designed uniforms and receive character training to learn about Hello Kitty and her family tree before starting on the job. The restaurant has a seating capacity of about 70 people and also sells Hello Kitty merchandise, such as wine, wine glasses and tea leaves.

How are the dishes made?

The dishes at Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine are made with natural ingredients and high-quality flour. The chef, Chan Kwok-Tung, is an experienced dim sum master with three decades of experience. He says the hardest part of making the dishes is to get the proportion of Hello Kitty’s features right on the food. He also says that some dishes take twice as much time to make compared to regular dim sum.

Some of the most popular dishes at the restaurant are:

  • Custard bun: A steamed bun filled with sweet custard and shaped like Hello Kitty’s head. The eyes are made with squid ink and the bow is made with beetroot.
  • Shrimp dumplings: A classic dim sum dish with shrimp filling wrapped in thin dough and steamed. The dumplings are also shaped like Hello Kitty’s head and have her whiskers imprinted on them.
  • Rice: A bowl of rice topped with vegetables, meat and egg. The rice is molded into Hello Kitty’s face and has her bow made with carrot.
  • Noodles: A plate of noodles stir-fried with vegetables and meat. The noodles are also molded into Hello Kitty’s face and have her bow made with seaweed.
  • Desserts: A variety of desserts such as pudding, cake and ice cream. Some of them are also shaped like Hello Kitty or have her face printed on them.

Why visit Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine?

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is a unique dining experience for anyone who loves Hello Kitty or wants to try something different. The food is not only cute but also delicious and authentic. The restaurant has received positive reviews from customers who say that the food is a pleasant surprise and worth coming back for. The restaurant is also family-friendly and encourages diners to put their phones away during dinner.

If you want to visit Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, you can find it at:

Shop A-C, G/F Lee Loy Mansion 332-338 Canton Road Jordan Hong Kong

You can also call them at +852 8202 8203 or visit their website at http://www.hellokittychinesecuisine.com.hk/ for more information.