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Have A Look At This Hannibal Fan Art Which Has Sparked Hopes For Hannibal Season 4 Return

Thriller, darling Bryan Fuller, the show’s producer, and showrunner, had intended for Hannibal to run for seven seasons, but it was unfortunately canceled after just three near-perfect ones.

There’s still no word about whether the popular horror series Hannibal will get a fourth season, but Fannibals everywhere can take solace in the fact that a piece of fan art for the show will soon be enshrined in the United States Capitol.

The ardent Hannibal fanbase has been calling for a continuation of the drama following the dysfunctional love story between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, based on the books by Thomas Harris, pretty much since the finale “The Wrath of the Lamb” aired back in 2015.

Fuller, for one, hasn’t given up. This week, some fantastic Hannibal-inspired art was chosen to hang for a year in the United States Capitol building as part of the annual Congressional Art Competition, causing Fuller to respond.

Kathleen Palmer, a New Jersey high school senior, developed a Cubist interpretation of Hannibal‘s Season 3 episode “Dolce,” in which Will catches up to Hannibal in Florence (the U.S. Capitol should be so lucky to have this piece of art hanging in its hallowed halls).

The artwork’s Twitter rounds finally found their way into Fuller’s newsfeed, prompting a follow-up query from a member of the US Congress who is outwardly also a Fannibal.

Palmer attempted to trade an invitation to the Capital for another season of Hannibal, which he was denied.

“I HOPE SO!” said Fuller, who is clearly in favor of a second season of the iconic show but will need a distribution contract to do so.

Fuller has been expressing his desire to continue with Hannibal on Twitter and elsewhere since the show ended six years ago, and Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are also on board.

Last year, when all three seasons of Hannibal, which originally aired on NBC in the United States, were released on Netflix, it reignited interest in the show.

However, adapting the Harris book series has always been a difficult and risky undertaking.

Although Gaumont International Television, which produced Hannibal, owns the rights to the novels Hannibal, Hannibal Rising, and The Red Dragon, MGM owns the rights to Silence of the Lambs, so Fuller was unable to use any of the characters from that book, including Clarice, in his TV adaptation.

Fuller would like to continue the Hannibal story in some way if he were to do so.

Palmer’s artwork is well suited to the show on which it is based. Hannibal is celebrated as one of the most stunning shows on television for its borderline avant-garde approach to its visual style.

The arrival of Hannibal on Netflix sparked talk about a fourth season, but it’s unclear how far those talks have progressed.

However, it is clear that if given the chance, a fourth season will be devoured by a rabid fanbase. Hannibal’s effect is far-reaching for such a short-lived series, and it shouldn’t be dismissed just yet.

With the whole cast and Fuller on board for a return, all of the parts are only waiting for the right opportunity to come along,

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