Harley Quinn Season 4 Release Date on HBO Max and Renewal updates

Harley Quinn has undoubtedly made its mark on the audiences and has kept on entertaining them with its enthralling storyline season after season. HBO Max’s Harley Quinn is an American adult animated comedy superhero TV series. It is written by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey. It is a critically acclaimed series, that has garnered accommodation for its humor, dark tone, animation, and the manner of protagonist portrayal. In this article, we shall discuss Harley Quinn Season 4.

The first season of Harley Quinn premiered on DC Universe on November 29, 2019, whereas its second installment premiered on April 3, 2020. Both seasons were released under the banner of DC Universe. However, its third season being premiered on September 18, 2020, was moved to HBO Max, following the reforming of DC Universe.

Harley Quinn Season 4

What’s the hype around Harley Quinn Season 4

This segment is particularly for the people who have not been following the adventures of Harley Quinn and need an introduction to her enthralling world. After Quinn’s break-up with the Joker and the realization of never being loved by him, the series follows her misadventures.

Season 1 revolves around Quinn’s purpose of becoming a competent supervillain where she forms her crew involving Poison Ivy, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, and Sy Borgman. She eventually achieves her goals which do not go well with Joker. In the end, he tries to take over Gotham City but in vain as he gets defeated by Harley and her crew. Following this, he vanishes the entire city leading to his and batman’s death.

Season 2 takes place after the death of Joker and Batman. The newly formed Injustice League takes over Gotham City, which includes Penguin, the Riddler, Mr. Freeze Bane, and Two-Face. In the series of events, Harley tries to eliminate them by being refused to let her in. In this season it was also revealed that both Joker and Batman are still alive however the latter has no memory of his past. The complexities begin to take over from this season. The ending involves Batman and Batgirl trying to stop Gordon from causing further damage.

In season 3 Harley and Ivy have been shown to in this season dealing with their problems as couples whilst making plans to terraform the planet. This season too becomes even more interesting with characters involved and creates more thrill among the audiences. A zombie apocalypse starts due to a series of events showing Ivy taking control over them. This season too keeps the viewers abiding by the series until the last.

Thus it is yet to be seen what happens in Harley Quinn Season 4 and how the story is built up and if we would get to see any new characters in this season.

So when is the new season going to be released?

Well surely, after making everyone hooked on the series, there will be another season but when, is something uncertain? However we can only make predictions that Harley Quinn Season 4 might happen next year. Whatever the plot will be it is certain that season 4 too will make people hooked to it till the very end and we are pretty much sure that everyone is eagerly waiting for Harley Quinn Season 4 just like us. There has been an announcement on its official Instagram page regarding the renewal of its next season and so it could be expected to come in 2023. There have been speculations as well that the writers and producers have already met to discuss the plot and probably could be working on it. However, these are just speculations and to say anything would be too soon. Here fans and viewers have to be a little patient and wait until anything official is said from their front.

The anticipated plot of Season 3

Well, there are many fans who already have so much to plot with season 3 leaving much space for carrying a good storyline. The next season could possibly be showing all the crew members of Harley’s going in new, different directions adding much more to the storyline. We can only wait for what is stored for us for Harley Quinn Season 4.

The Voice Cast of Harley Quinn Season 4

  • Harley Quinn- Kaley Cuoco
  • Poison Ivy – Lake Bell
  • Joker- Alan Tudyk
  • Dr. Psycho- Tony Hale
  • King Shark- Ron Funches
  • Sy Borgman- Jason Alexander
  • Batman- Diedrich Bader
  • Frank the plant- J.B. Smoove

The series is half an hour watching per episode, which can be viewed on HBO Max. In seasons one and two there were 13 episodes each, whereas in the third season there were 10 episodes.

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