Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date LEAKED by Studio and Production Update

There’s no telling when the Haikyuu Season 5 is coming on our screens. So, you can rest your mind for now. But before you start cursing the studio, the highly anticipated event for the otakus, Jump Festa Expo is going to knock at our doors soon. And it’s needless to say, we fans are gonna have some enlightenment upon the release of Haikyuu Season 5. Jump Festa is a grand event that is sponsored by Shueisha. Every Anime and manga love from all around the globe waits eagerly for this event to happen.


After getting inspired by an ace volleyball player called “Little Giant” playing volleyball, short-heightened Shouyou Hinata restarts the volleyball club of his school. The team that he formed recently got a chance to play at the tournament. Even though they played well, they got defeated badly by an opponent Tobio Kageyama who is also known as the King of the Court.

Hinata makes a promise to himself that he will defeat Kageyama at any cost. After he graduated from middle school, he gets admission to Karasuno High School and he joins their volleyball squad. But then he finds out that Kageyama, his rival now is his teammate.

Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date LEAKED by Studio and Production Update

Anticipated Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date

Due to the pandemic situation, so many of the upcoming anime which was supposed to be released in 2020-21 have been delayed and there’s no escape from the fact that we don’t know how long it’ll take to make everything be as it was before. But this upcoming event of 2022 can be a tight spot for many anime as it will announce the fate of numerous masterpieces.

Back in October 2021, it was publicly declared that Haikyuu Will get its jump studio stage at the event that will be organized in near future. Why? Because it’s the 10th anniversary of Haikyuu!! The official handle of the Jump Festa has announced that the show will contain a dedicated talk show for the Haikyuu Season 5, which will answer all the confusions that have been piling up surrounding the anime.

The show will be hosted by Ayumu Murase and Kaito Ishikawa. The event might also unveil the key visual of Haikyuu Season 5. And if that happens that will be the biggest surprise for the fans.

The magazine that delivers the news of Shonen Jump has also revealed and teased the new information on the series that is going to be elaborated on the day of the Jump Festa 20202. As we all know that the manga has ended a while ago, it is also possible that they’re going to give us the news of the future production and as well as some kind of release date which will be surely held in 2022.

The second half of the fourth season Haikyuu!! To the Top was completely based on the clash between two teams, Karasuno and Inarizaki. As we all know that the Karasuno won the match now it’s time they face another opponent. Yeah… the upcoming season will see Karasuno clashing against Nekomo, their rival from Tokyo for a long time.

Haikyuu Season 4 Ending

Season 4 finishes with “The Promised Land” episode, which follows the second match of the Spring Nationals between the Karasuno and Inarizaki High school groups. This game is the most troublesome match the Karasuno group has needed to play all through the series for various reasons. For instance, Inarizaki had the option to duplicate Hinata and Kageyama’s exceptional fast assault, delivering the group befuddled on the most proficient method to guard against it.

The result of this difficult match was an unforeseen super triumph for the Karasuno group. The last episode introduced the result of this game for each group. A forthcoming match against Nekoma High School, Karasasuno’s well-established rival, is likewise approaching.

Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date Announcement

Season 4 finished in December 2020, so it has been more than an extended period of no authority explanation on the fifth season. Haikyuu!! has seen many defer in the past between its seasons, for example, the four-year postponement between the third and fourth seasons, and season 4 being deferred because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the show having a background marked by delays, it very well may be nothing unexpected that Haikyuu Season 5 is confronting a similar destiny, particularly since it has been north of a year since the season 4 finale. Presently, there is no affirmation with respect to when season 5 will be delivered.

It is not necessarily the case that there won’t be a fifth season. The anime’s Twitter page reported that they were “anticipating the continuation”, which infers that season 5 is undoubtedly in transit to our screens soon. It has been delivered that COVID-19 is the justification behind the fifth season’s postponement.

Frequently Asked Questions on Haikyuu Season 5

Is Haikyuu Coming to an End?

of chapters remaining, there will be a total of 100 anime episodes in total (since the manga has already ended in 2020 with 402 chapters). So after Season 4 part 2 ends in December 2020/January 2021 (which will have around 13 episodes), there will be room for one more season (season 5) which will have around 25 episodes

What Might Happen in Haikyuu Season 5?

About the plot of Haikyuu Season 5, we will be seeing Karasuno High School going against Nekoma High School. The intensity of the match will be higher than most of the matches we have ever seen. There is a chance that we will be seeing a unique character development of Hinata as well as of his buddies.

Where to Watch Haikyuu Season 5?

The fresh episodes of Haikyuu Season 5 will be available on various online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Crunchyroll.

Will Hailyuu Season 5 Come to Netflix?

Considering the fact that the last season of Hailyuu has been brought under the fold of Netflix, we can say that the upcoming Haikyuu Season 5 will be available on the online platform of Netflix.

Is Haikyuu Anime Finished?

No, Although the manga has finished quite a while ago with 402 chapters under its fold, the anime has not adapted all of the remaining chapters. So, the anime will continue.

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