Haikyuu Season 5 Anticipated for 2022 and Fans are DESPERATE for it


Haikyuu is a Shonen anime based on sports which are quite popular among those who like to watch sports anime. The anime is about a boy named Shouyou Hinata and his journey to becoming the greatest player. The sport that is focused in this anime is volleyball. The creative animation style, the remarkable storyline has made this anime one of its kind. We have seen a noticeable character development in this anime which has introduced a whole bunch of characters who are unique in their own way. The first installment of the anime was aired back in 2014 and after airing 3 more seasons within 4 years, the anime is currently planning for its fifth installment. So, here’s what we know about Haikyuu Season 5.

Haikyuu Season 5


Before jumping into the discussion about Haikyuu Season 5, let’s have a quick look into what we saw in the previous seasons. Shouyou Hinata is a school student. A while back he saw a popular volleyball player titled ‘Little Giant’ raging in the field. So, he got inspired by his resolve and decided to join the volleyball club of his school. After he joined the club, he got his first match pretty soon. His team received an invitation to compete with teams from other institutes. But in the first match, his team literally got smashed by the opponent. Tobio Kageyama was the guy who took a great part in that. In this context, you should know that Tobio Kageyama is titled ‘King of the court.’ Hinata gets devastated by this loss and promises himself that he will surpass Kageyama no matter what it takes. So, after his graduation from middle, he enrolls himself in Karasuno High School and obviously approaches the Volleyball club of the school. Ironically, he sees that his sworn opponent Kageyama is now one of his own team.

In this article, we will not be focusing on the information about the release date of Haikyuu Season 5. But, we will be discussing the cast and anticipated plot of the show. So, without wasting any time, let’s get straight to the details of Haikyuu Season 5.

Anticipated Cast and Storyline for Haikyuu Season 5

We have a list of characters that the studio confirmed to be appearing in Haikyuu Season 5. The characters are Kageyama Tobio, Hinata Shouyou, Hirugmai Sachiro, Ojiro Aran, Tanji Washijo, Tanaka Ryunoksuke, Kinoshita Hisashi, Nishinoya Yu, Miya Osamu, Takeda Ittetsu, Azumane Asahi, Miya Atsumu.

Now, coming to the cast of Haikyuu Season 5, we have Ayumu Murase, voice acting the character of Shōyō Hinata. Kaito Ishikawa will be voice acting as Tobio Kageyama, Satoshi Hino is going to voice the character Daichi Sawamura, Miyu Irino as Kōshi Sugawara, Yu Hayashi as Ryūnosuke Tanaka, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Asahi Azumane, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Yū Nishinoya, Kōki Uchiyama as Kei Tsukishima, Sōma Saito as Tadashi Yamaguchi, Toshiki Masuda as Chikara Ennoshita, Kaori Nazuka as Kiyoko Shimizu, Morohoshi Sumire as Hitoka Yachi and more.

About the plot of Haikyuu Season 5, we will be seeing karasuno High School going against Nekoma High School. The intensity of the match will be higher than most of the matches we have ever seen. There is a chance that we will be seeing a unique character development of Hinata as well as of his buddies.

Where To Watch Haikyuu Season 5

The fresh episodes of Haikyuu Season 5 will be available on various online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Crunchyroll.

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