Gwen Stefani is WORRIED about Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande coming closer in The Voice

Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton’s moments on The voice

The Voice viewers were taken aback when they saw coaches Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton enjoy a tender moment on the air. This season, the two singers have a hilarious fight going on. Blake was looking forward to facing Ariana even before Season 21 began. Blake was eager to take on someone fresh after battling against John Legend and Nick Jonas, who Ariana had replaced. Nick is rooting for Ariana to win, while the country singer noted that it was easy to win against him in prior seasons.


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Ariana even shared a text exchange with Blake in which she joked about taking his place. In an Instagram post, the “positions” singer forwarded Blake an article claiming that The Voice wants to replace Blake with younger coaches like Ariana. Blake reacted by thanking her playfully for sending it to him. Ariana even stated that she “loved” his response. Even though the coaches, particularly John and Kelly Clarkson, play up their rivalry, they all seem to care about one another. Fans won’t have to worry about Ariana taking the place of Blake because the two work so well together.

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Blake made care to check if Ariana was cold on set in a TikTok published on The Voice’s Facebook page. “You’ve got to be freezing!” Blake remarked. “Even I’m feeling a little chilly.” He then inquired as to whether Ariana had her seat heater turned on, causing the “thank u, next” singer to become concerned about her outfit. Blake laughed as Ariana added, “What if my beads melt?” He said, “Hopefully it doesn’t become that hot.” This interaction between the coaches was a hit with the audience. One reader said, “Grandpa Grande calling his granddaughter “kiddo” is the nicest thing I’ve EVER SEEN” (via Good Housekeeping). “Blake is actually super lovely awe,” one person said, while another stated they didn’t see Blake say “kiddo” coming.

Gwen Stefani wanted to come back to ‘The Voice,’ but she was turned down

Gwen Stefani is scared, according to a source, that she won’t be able to return to The Voice now that Grande will be one of the judges. After all, the singer is quite well-liked by her admirers. According to the insider, things are also tense between Shelton and the reality TV program’s producers because he will be on the show before Stefani’s spouse soon.”With Blake Shelton on the show right now, it’s a bit tricky since the producers certainly don’t want to irritate him, but they believed Ariana was the best candidate to follow Nick at this moment.” And Blake assures Gwen that she will return one day. “All she has to do now is wait,” the person claimed.


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Stefani, on the other hand, is unlikely to be dissatisfied with the producers’ choice of Grande as one of their coaches. After all, it was she who made the decision to leave The Voice due to other obligations. It’s also improbable that The Voice will turn down the performer. After all, some of their former coaches have returned to the show after a long absence.


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