Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date, Renewal and Where to Watch

Is it only us or all of you are also seeing how animated stories are dominating the world of cinema and storytelling right now? Many of these series have set records globally and one such show is Gravity Falls. It is an American comedy series full of mysteries and is one of the most successful animated series on the Disney Channel. In this article, we shall discuss Gravity Falls Season 3.

Gravity Falls debuted in June of 2012 and was last seen with its second season in February 2016. Everyone is wondering why Disney is not coming out with Gravity Falls Season 3 which is much awaited by countless fans! Standing at an 8.9 IMDb rating, it is the story of Gravity Falls in Oregon a mysterious town that is visited by Twins Dipper and Mabel during their summer vacations but the place shocks them with strange occurrences. The article will revive your memory of Gravity Falls and will tell you everything about the renewal or cancellation of Gravity Falls Season 3.

Gravity Falls Season 3

The Ending of Season 2 Promised a New Season!

The show beautifully portrayed the bond between twin siblings, Mabel and Dipper. The creator of the show, Alex Hirsch also has a twin sister in real life and thus was able to present the story more effectively. Twin brothers Stan and Ford have their own issues but make amends after years of dispute. They trick Bill by switching their places and Stan loses his memories but his family helps him to regain his identity and memories.

The love and trust among the Pines family turn out to be the best weapon against Bill Cipher. Dipper is invited by his great-uncle Ford to be his apprentice and live in Gravity Falls, help in solving the town mysteries, and eradicate evil. Mabel is simultaneously working on making her and Dipper’s 13th birthday big. She has a chat with Wendy about high school and teenage and realizes that she is not ready for it yet.

Both the twins believe in each other to stay and keep supporting them. While Dipper wishes to skip childhood, Mabel wants to remain a kid forever. Her wish takes her to the point that she gets ready to stay as a prisoner of Bill in a bubble of her imagination. The end makes them realize that they can withstand any difficulty in the future if they fight against it together.

Who All Will Return in Gravity Falls Season 3?

Brought to you by Disney Television Animation, Gravity Falls is an American mystery adventure series filled with surreal comedy. The show is created by Alex Hirsch and edited by Kevin Locarno, giving us 2 seasons with a total of 40 episodes. It aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD and fans used to love its theme music given by Brad Break.

The show can be watched on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. You will hear the voices of the following artists in the show:

  • Dipper Pines voiced by Jason Ritter
  • Mabel Pines voiced by Kristen Schaal
  • Stanley “Stan” Pines voiced by Alex Hirsch
  • Bill Cipher and Soos Ramirez voiced by Alex Hirsch
  • Wendy Corduroy voiced by Linda Cardellini
  • Stanford Pines voiced by J. K. Simmons

Is Gravity Falls Renewed For a Third Season?

Two series are not enough for a brilliant story like Gravity Falls. Fans are craving fresh content from the team but surely have to wait a lot still. As Gravity Falls Season 2 concluded in February 2016, it came out in the media that the producer of the show didn’t want to stretch the story and spoil its base. Hence he concluded the series.

Fans in bulk keep demanding a new season of Gravity Falls but are in vain right now. There is no news of the renewal of the show for a third season and fans can expect the show to be canceled. But, there is no need to get disappointed as none of us can predict the future. We all can hope that the showrunners hear the request of viewers and provide us with Gravity Falls Season 3.

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Expectations for Gravity Falls Season 3 Release & Plot?

There is no doubt that Gravity Falls Season 3 can occur if the team decides to work on it. For over 8 years, fans are waiting for the show to return and it will surely be a hit if it releases. The team can take around 6-12 months for the production of the new season and if it gets renewed for Gravity Falls Season 3 by the end of this year, fans can expect the new season to release anytime in 2023.

The previous two seasons had 20 episodes each and the same can be expected with season 3.
The story is intriguing and has many layers of plotline that can be explored, like the series can travel back in time and show the story of the diary and its owner along with twins, Dipper and Mabel traveling back in time. Share your views about Gravity Falls in the comments section and stay tuned for the latest updates about Gravity Falls Season 3.

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