Grant Gondrezick Cause of Death: The Tragic End of a Basketball Family Legacy

Grant Gondrezick was a former professional basketball player who played in the NBA for the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers. He was also the father of WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick and the brother of another NBA player, Glen Gondrezick. On January 8, 2021, Grant Gondrezick passed away suddenly at the age of 57, leaving behind a grieving family and a legacy of basketball talent. What was the cause of his death and how did it affect his loved ones? Here is what we know.

A History of Heart Problems

According to Wikipedia, Grant Gondrezick suffered from congenital heart disease, a condition that affects the structure and function of the heart from birth. His heart was pumping at about 9 percent capacity before he underwent a heart transplant in 2009, after spending almost six months on the donor list. The transplant was successful, but his body apparently rejected the new heart, leading to heart failure. This was the same cause of death for his older brother, Glen, who died in 2009 at the age of 53.

A Sudden Heart Attack

On January 7, 2021, Grant Gondrezick was at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, when he suffered a heart attack, according to Latest In Bollywood. He was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late to save him. He was pronounced dead at the age of 57, just 12 days before his 58th birthday. The news of his death was announced the next day by his former team, the Caen Basketball Club, where he played in France in the late 1980s.

A Devastated Family

Grant Gondrezick left behind his wife, Lisa Harvey, and his three children, Kysre, Kalabrya, and Grant Jr. Kysre is a WNBA player for the Indiana Fever, who was drafted fourth overall in the 2021 draft. Kalabrya is a former college basketball player for Michigan State University, who is now a nurse. Grant Jr. is a high school basketball player who has received offers from several colleges. All three of them inherited their father’s passion and talent for basketball, and they have expressed their love and gratitude for him on social media. They have also received support and condolences from the basketball community, including former teammates, coaches, and fans.

A Basketball Legacy

Grant Gondrezick was a basketball star who played at various levels, from high school to college to the NBA and overseas. He was known for his scoring ability, his athleticism, and his competitive spirit. He led his high school team to a state championship, his college team to two NCAA tournaments, and his NBA teams to the playoffs. He also played in several minor leagues and foreign leagues, where he won championships and awards. He was inducted into the Pepperdine University Hall of Fame in 2009, and his jersey number 3 was retired by the Caen Basketball Club in 2017. He was a respected and admired player who inspired many others to pursue their basketball dreams. He was also a loving and supportive father who encouraged his children to follow in his footsteps. He will be remembered as a basketball legend and a family man who left a lasting impact on the game and on the lives of his loved ones.

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