Grace and Frankie Season 8 Release Date, Renewal Updates and Where to Watch

Grace and Frankie, which is a show streaming on Netflix has congregated an immensely large fan base across the many demographics of the world. The series is one of the streaming service’s longest-running shows to which fans have become extremely connected to the plot, characters, drama, and comedy which are all tied together. In this article, we shall discuss Grace and Frankie Season 8.

The show has been directed by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris including Sam Waterston, Rebecca Asher, John Asher, Ramon Estevez, and Michael McKean in the direction team, and has been produced by Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Howard Morris.

After Season 7 was released in late April of 2022, it arouse several questions about the renewal of Grace and Frankie Season 8 too. But it has been reported that Grace and Frankie will not be coming for Season 8 and Season 7 was the final season of the series and the story ended with it.

Grace and Frankie Season 8

Plot Summary of Grace and Frankie Season 8

The series Grace and Frankie follow the life of two women, Grace and Frankie, who try to adjust to the truths and realities of their husbands, both of them who come out as gay and move in with each other. The husbands give divorce to their wives and lead forward with their lives.

Grace and Frankie are two geriatric women and the series shows how their life will be continuing with several twists and hindrances in their way in their last years too. While the married life of Grace and her husband Robert was loveless, the life of Frankie and Sol was healthy and they were like each other’s best friends. But Grace and Frankie hated each other.

What made the story of Grace and Frankie different?

It seemed difficult at first that Grace and Frankie would get along well with their partners leaving and them being so old. Grace is a proper and prim woman who deals with the problems and situations coming into her life by drinking and Frankie is an artsy soul who lives by talking, getting high, and painting. Similarly, their husbands and children are also different from each other.

But ultimately, till seven seasons, they became each other’s support systems and best friends and everything becomes far from well. The characters being very different from each other helped the story to move ahead.

Other Elements of Grace and Frankie Season 8

The life of their children is also shown in the series with separate plotlines in the same show. Briana and Mallory are Grace’s daughters and Bud and Coyote are Frankie’s sons. Their stories are fresh and unique which makes the audience laugh and also gives them a warm and comfortable feeling. Grace and Frankie is surely a series that can be called ‘one of a kind’. It involves two women’s independent life after their marriage gets over and it totally revolves around the senior demographic.

The last few episodes of the series ran very fast and the stories got completed before one could be able to comprehend them properly. Although, they ended on a pretty clear note. The title of the first episode was ‘The End’ while the last episode was ‘The Beginning’ which was well given to the episodes as everything fell apart in the beginning and everything started to fix at the ending of the series.

Cast and Characters of Grace and Frankie

The characters of the show that were a part of Grace and Frankie for a very long time are the following:

  • Lily Tomlin as Frankie
  • Jane Fonda as Grace
  • Sam Waterston as Sol
  • Martin Sheen as Robert
  • Brooklyn Decker as Mallory
  • June Diane Ralphaes as Brianna Hanson
  • Baron Vaughn as Nwabudike Bergstein
  • Ethan Embry as Coyote Bergstein
  • Peter Gallagher as Nick Skolka
  • Peter Cambor as Barry
  • Ernie Hudson as Jacob

Is there going to be a Spin-off for Grace and Frankie?

Although the show has announced the conclusion and will be coming to a close, a silver lining is still left. The star June Diane Raphael, who plays the role of Grace’s daughter, Brianna Hanson, has been planning for a spin-off for the series.

June is the screenwriter of the 2009’s rom-com ‘Bride Wars’. She feels that in Grace and Frankie, the story of Brianna was not concluded properly or at all. So she had a little discussion with the producers for a spin-off, an idea she has been wondering about for several years.

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