Ghost9’s Lee Tae Seung And Hwang Dong Jun Are Leaving The Group But Why? Read

Ghost9, a South Korean boy group that was formed by Maroo Entertainment in 2020 is to bid goodbye to two of its members,  Lee Tae Seung and Hwang Dong Jun. This group debuted on September 23, 3020 with EP pre-episode 1: Door with the lead single “Think of Dawn.”

Both the members were a part of TV reality shows ‘Mix Nine’ and ‘Produce X 101’. After that, they got an opportunity to promote themselves through Maroo Entertainment.

According to Korean Standard time on September 5, the group’s agency Maroo Entertainment took to their official social media to release a public statement that the two boys have parted their ways with the band.

The agency said that there have been sufficient attempts and a good amount of time given to the two boys. They have also been discussing the career of the two members. However, they respect their opinions and wish them good luck for their career and life ahead. While the band will be working with the rest of the members, the company also asked the audience to keep ensuring its love to them.Ghost9 are currently working on their new album for now, and will provide unchanging attention to the fans says the agency.

K-pop has witnessed several ups and downs in 2020 and 2021. However, this news has left the fans in pieces.

The two members also took to their Twitter handles to announce their separation from the Ghosties soon after the announcement of Maroo Entertainment. Lee Tae Seung thanked his fan for all the love he has received during the time he has been a part of the group. He also stated that the reason for his separation from the group is an emotional moment for him but to plan his future and get organized with his thoughts, he needs some time.

Hwang Dong Jun also thanked his fans for the love he received ever since being a part of the Ghost9. He also wants some time to plan his future and come to some good conclusions before taking any major decision. However, he requested his fans to keep loving Ghosties and also continue supporting them.

It appears that things were not going well between the production company and the two members. As the agency told in its announcement letter they have been trying to convince the two members, however, it later decided to give them the space they were lacking.

Lee Tae Seung also told in his letter that he didn’t felt that he was doing his best for the group. He also wrote that there is much uncertainty about the future in his head as soon he will be entering his twenties, and Ghosties was receiving a bad side of him, which he didn’t want to continue with and thus he came to the conclusion to end his activities with the agency and the group.

Hwang Dong Jun also cherished all that he had learned being a part of Ghosties and now wants to slow down for a while.

Let’s hope we get to see Lee TaeSeung and Hwang DongJun again very soon when they’re in a better headspace, as successful artists in their ways. Until then, let’s root for GHOST9 and their upcoming comeback track!


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