Get Ready For A New Real-Time Strategy Game Seige Up! – Here’s Why It Is So Interesting

Are you prepared for the next real-time strategy (RTS)? Siege Up! developed by Denis Zdorovtsov, appears to be a lot of fun.

A traditional full-featured RTS with a low-poly aesthetic. Fantasy campaign with a plot, multiplayer, an editor, and cooperative missions.

Construct a population, walls, research technology, and seize resources to gain an advantage. Attack your opponent with melee, rangers, siege arms, and fighting ships to win!

When asked about Linux support, the developer confirmed: “This will not be an issue for me because I will be using Unity3D, which supports Linux. I used Linux exclusively during my student days, so I have more than enough experience with the Linux platform to support it.”


– Medieval castles with stone and wood walls!
– Construct catapults and other devices to knock down the walls!
– Archers, melee, and cavalry are all prepared to protect your castle.
– Naval forces, fishing vessels, and ships
– Capture and secure mines in order to obtain strategic capital.
– Various mission styles in the campaign!
– Build your own game with random bots.


City Center – workers are educated here.
House – raises the population limit
Farm – Employees will work on a farm and produce food.
Mules transport strategic resources from mines. Mine can be taken.
Barracks are where melee soldiers are trained.
Archery and crossbowmen are trained at a shooting range.
Catapults and ballistae are designed in the workshop.
A shipyard is a place where boats and ships are built.
Tower – carries out assaults on opponents. It has a lot of health points.
Walls are made up of towers, wall features, stairwells, and gates.

The majority of soldiers are able to reach the walls. Catapults are the only way to break walls. Walls that have been totally broken can still be restored.

Siege Up RTS game with a tale about the Middle Ages and wars to protect the country’s frontier. Players build strongholds, troops, and devise a long-term plan against invasions.

Since the leader has command and control of all, the player must ensure that the economy and army are still powerful. Things that complement one another help your country develop quickly. In any case, it is impossible to prevent collisions.

However, if the nation has economic potential, the military may also assist in removing the threat from smaller nations. In the RTS Siege Up game mode, you learn a lot of new things.

Overall, despite the fact that Siege Up is marketed as an offline strategy game on the PlayStore, it appears to be a game that is a few changes away from enthralling socially isolated players in a feverish arena of strategy.

It has the ability to run on most smartphones and small maps, allowing you to gather friends to play without worrying about getting a last-gen tablet. Hopefully, they can incorporate a multiplayer online mode and other UI improvements.

You must build an efficient economy in the early stages of the game. There should be enough resources to create a planned army. Don’t forget about safety. At the start of the game, build one or two towers. The army requires reinforcements during the assault.

You may set up a barracks to serve as a meeting point for warriors. The release date is still a ways off, with the latest goal being early December of this year. One that is well worth keeping an eye on.


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