Gabbi Doolin Cause of Death: How a 7-Year-Old Cheerleader Was Brutally Murdered

Gabriella Corrine “Gabbi” Doolin was a cheerful and loving 7-year-old girl who loved bright colors, pink sunsets, and cheering for her brother’s football team. She had a bright future ahead of her, until she was brutally raped and murdered by a man who lived in her small town of Scottsville, Kentucky. This is the tragic story of Gabbi Doolin’s cause of death and the justice that followed.

The Disappearance of Gabbi Doolin

On November 14, 2015, Gabbi Doolin was attending a youth league football game at the Allen County-Scottsville High School with her cheerleading squad. Her mother, Amy Doolin, was watching the game from the stands, while her father, Brian Doolin, was working at the concession stand. Her older brother, Alec, was playing on the field.

Gabbi and her friends decided to play hide-and-seek during the game. Gabbi was supposed to find them after they hid in the bathroom. However, she never showed up. Her friends ran to Amy and asked if she had seen Gabbi. Amy immediately panicked and searched for her daughter everywhere. She went to Brian and asked him to announce Gabbi’s name on the public address system. They repeated the announcement several times, but there was no sign of Gabbi.

Amy called 911 at around 7:40 PM to report her daughter missing. A search party was formed to look for Gabbi in the area around the stadium. At around 8:10 PM, a police officer found Gabbi’s body in a creek in a wooded area behind the stadium. She was partially clothed, lying face down in the water. Her boot was found about 20 feet away from her body.

The Autopsy Report of Gabbi Doolin

The autopsy report revealed that Gabbi Doolin had been sexually assaulted and sodomized before she was killed. She had suffered blunt force trauma to her head, neck, and chest. She had also been strangled manually and drowned in the creek. The cause of death was determined to be manual strangulation and drowning.

The police collected blood smears and other biological evidence from the crime scene, including a blood-smeared leaf. They also found DNA evidence on Gabbi’s body that matched the suspect’s profile. The DNA evidence was crucial in identifying and arresting the killer.

The Arrest and Conviction of Timothy Madden

The police arrested Timothy Madden, a 38-year-old man who lived in Scottsville, on November 20, 2015, less than a week after Gabbi’s murder. Madden was charged with kidnapping, rape, sodomy, and murder of Gabbi Doolin. He pleaded not guilty and claimed that he had nothing to do with the crime.

Madden was facing the death penalty if convicted. However, in a surprising turn of events, he entered guilty pleas to kidnapping and murder on August 24, 2019, just before his trial was scheduled to begin. He also entered an Alford plea to rape and sodomy, meaning that he did not admit to committing those crimes but accepted the punishment of a guilty plea.

Madden was sentenced to life without parole on October 23, 2019. During the sentencing hearing, the prosecutors presented all the evidence against Madden, including his DNA match and his inconsistent statements. They also showed photos of Gabbi’s body and played recordings of her parents’ 911 calls.

Gabbi’s parents gave emotional statements in court, expressing their grief and anger over their daughter’s death. Brian Doolin even erupted in rage and tried to attack Madden when he saw him smiling in court. He had to be restrained by security officers.

Madden did not show any remorse or apologize for his actions. He maintained his innocence and blamed his son for the crime. He said that his son had confessed to him that he had killed Gabbi by accident while playing with her.

The judge rejected Madden’s claims and said that he had committed “the most heinous crime imaginable.” He said that Madden deserved to spend the rest of his life behind bars without any hope of freedom.

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