Frank Fiegel Cause of Death: The Real-Life Inspiration for Popeye

Frank “Rocky” Fiegel was a man who lived in Chester, Illinois, in the early 1900s. He was known for his strong physique, his pipe-smoking habit, and his love for fights. He was also the inspiration for one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time: Popeye the Sailor Man.

Who was Frank Fiegel?

Frank Fiegel was born on January 27, 1868, to Polish immigrants John and Anna Fiegel. He had four siblings: John, Bennett, Joseph, and Celia. His father died when he was eight years old, and his mother raised him and his siblings alone.

Fiegel worked as a bartender and a laborer in Chester, a small town on the Mississippi River. He was a familiar figure in the town, often seen sitting outside the saloon with his pipe in his mouth, or getting into brawls with other men. He was tall, strong, and had a prominent chin that gave him a distinctive appearance.

According to local folklore, Fiegel was the inspiration for E.C. Segar, a cartoonist who grew up in Chester and created Popeye in 1929. Segar reportedly admired Fiegel’s strength and toughness, and modeled Popeye’s appearance and personality after him. Segar even sent money to Fiegel regularly as a thank you for the inspiration.

How did Frank Fiegel die?

Fiegel died on March 24, 1947, at his home in Chester. He was 79 years old. His cause of death is not known, but some sources suggest that he suffered from tuberculosis or lung cancer. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Chester, where his grave can still be visited today.

Fiegel’s obituary in the Chester Herald Tribune stated that he was “credited for being the inspiration of Elsie Segar’s ‘Popeye.’” The obituary also described him as “a familiar character in Chester” who “performed amazing feats of strength” in his younger days.

What is Frank Fiegel’s legacy?

Fiegel’s legacy lives on through Popeye, one of the most popular and enduring cartoon characters of all time. Popeye has appeared in comic strips, animated cartoons, movies, video games, and merchandise. He is known for his catchphrase “I yam what I yam,” his love for spinach, and his adventures with his girlfriend Olive Oyl and his nemesis Bluto.

Fiegel is also honored in Chester, where a statue of Popeye stands near the riverfront. The town hosts an annual Popeye Picnic every September, where fans can celebrate the character and his creator. The town also has a Popeye museum, a Popeye trail, and several other statues of Popeye’s friends and foes.

Fiegel may not have been a sailor or a hero, but he was a real man who inspired a fictional legend. His story shows that anyone can have an impact on the world, even if they are not famous or wealthy. As Popeye would say, “You gotta be strong to be tough.”

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