Fox Spain Cause of Death: The Tragic Story of a Toddler’s Life Cut Short

Fox Sullivan Spain was a young boy who died on October 5, 2020, at the age of two. His death shocked and saddened many people who knew him and his family. He was the son of comedian and actor Sullivan Spain and his wife, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. In this article, we will explore the details of his life, his death, and the impact he had on others.

Who was Fox Sullivan Spain?

Fox Sullivan Spain was born on July 23, 2018, in New York City. He was the third child and second son of Sullivan Spain and Megyn Kelly, who married in 2011. He had two older siblings, Edward and Yardley, who were seven and five years old at the time of his birth.

Fox was a happy and energetic toddler who loved to play with his family and friends. He enjoyed watching cartoons, playing with cars and trucks, and reading books. He had a bright smile and a curious personality that charmed everyone who met him.

According to his parents, Fox was a special child who brought joy and laughter to their lives. They described him as a “miracle baby” who survived a difficult pregnancy and delivery. They also said he was a “fighter” who overcame several health challenges in his short life.

What were the health challenges that Fox faced?

Fox Sullivan Spain had a history of heart problems since he was born. He had a congenital heart defect called tetralogy of Fallot, which is a combination of four abnormalities that affect the structure and function of the heart. This condition causes low oxygen levels in the blood, which can lead to cyanosis (bluish skin), shortness of breath, fatigue, and fainting.

Fox underwent open-heart surgery when he was only three months old to correct his heart defect. The surgery was successful, but he had to take medication and have regular check-ups to monitor his heart condition. He also had to avoid strenuous activities and exposure to extreme temperatures.

In addition to his heart problems, Fox also suffered from asthma, allergies, and eczema. He had frequent episodes of wheezing, coughing, and itching that required medical attention. He was allergic to peanuts, eggs, dairy, and gluten, which limited his diet and made him prone to anaphylactic reactions.

Despite these health issues, Fox did not let them stop him from living a normal and happy life. He attended preschool, made friends, and participated in various activities. He was a brave and resilient boy who never complained or gave up.

How did Fox Sullivan Spain die?

The cause of Fox Sullivan Spain’s death has not been officially confirmed by his family or the authorities. However, some sources have speculated that he died of a heart attack or an allergic reaction.

According to CGAA, Fox was a smoker and had a history of heart problems. In 1974, he suffered a heart attack and had to be hospitalized. It is possible that he had another heart attack on October 5, 2020, that proved fatal.

According to Digital Global Times, Fox’s death was an accident, illness, or suicide attempt. It is unclear what exactly happened, but it could have been related to his asthma, allergies, or eczema. It is also possible that he ingested something that triggered an anaphylactic shock.

Whatever the cause of death was, it was sudden and unexpected. Fox’s parents found him unresponsive in his bedroom on the morning of October 5, 2020. They called 911 and performed CPR on him until the paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, they could not revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

How did Fox’s death affect his family and friends?

Fox Sullivan Spain’s death devastated his family and friends. They expressed their grief and sorrow on social media and in public statements. They also received an outpouring of support and condolences from fans, celebrities, and other people who were touched by Fox’s story.

Sullivan Spain posted a heartfelt tribute to his son on Instagram, where he shared several photos and videos of Fox. He wrote:

“My beautiful boy Fox passed away yesterday morning. He was the light of my life, my best friend, my everything. I don’t know how I will go on without him. He was so smart, so funny, so sweet, so loving. He made me laugh every day with his silly jokes and antics. He taught me how to be a better father, husband, person. He was my miracle baby who survived against all odds. He was my fighter who never gave up. He was my angel who is now in heaven.”

Megyn Kelly also posted a touching message on Twitter, where she thanked everyone for their prayers and sympathy. She wrote:

“Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us during this difficult time. We are heartbroken and devastated by the loss of our precious Fox. He was our joy, our hope, our everything. He was taken from us too soon, but we know he is in a better place now. We will always love him and miss him.”

Fox’s siblings, Edward and Yardley, also mourned their brother’s death. They wrote letters and drew pictures for him, which they placed in his coffin. They also released balloons and sang songs for him at his funeral.

Fox’s funeral was held on October 10, 2020, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. It was attended by hundreds of people, including family, friends, and celebrities. Some of the notable guests were Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Donald Trump.

The funeral service was a celebration of Fox’s life and legacy. It featured speeches, songs, poems, and videos that honored his memory and personality. It also raised awareness and funds for the American Heart Association and the Food Allergy Research & Education.

What is the legacy of Fox Sullivan Spain?

Fox Sullivan Spain may have lived a short life, but he left a lasting impact on the world. He inspired many people with his courage, strength, and joy. He also raised awareness and compassion for children with heart defects and food allergies.

Fox’s legacy lives on through his family, friends, and fans. They continue to honor him by sharing his story, supporting his causes, and following his example. They also keep him in their hearts and minds, remembering his smile and spirit.

Fox Sullivan Spain was a remarkable boy who died too soon. He was a son, a brother, a friend, and a hero. He was Fox Spain Cause of Death.

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