FBI Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date Delayed? Everything To Know

FBI is an American crime-drama TV show that airs on a weekly basis on CBS. The first season of the show premiered on 25th September 2018. Since then, 3 more seasons have come out and the fourth one is currently airing. So, when is the FBI Season 4 Episode 5 releasing on CBS?

FBI is created by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk.


As you can probably tell, the FBI follows the activities and inner secrets of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) based in New York City. It is your quintessential crime-drama show. The main aim of the FBI is to catch high-profile criminals and help with investigations in order to keep New York City safe. Special Agent Maggie Bell is born into a multi-generational law family so her commitment runs deep (almost literally as deep as blood, owing to her family history) to the people she works with, the people she is expected to protect, and most importantly, her city. Her junior partner is Special Agent Omar Adom “O. A.” Zidan, who spent two years undercover for the Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA before being picked by the FBI. He is also a West Point graduate from Bushwick. The team also includes Special Agent in Charge Dana Mosier, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine, and the team’s most brilliant analyst, Kristen Chazal. These first-class agents tenaciously investigate cases including terrorism, organized crime, counterintelligence, and a lot more as they work together to keep New York City safe from crime and troublemakers.


New Cast

  • Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell- FBI Special Agent,
  • Zeeko Zaki as Omar Adom “O.A.” Zidan- FBI Special Agent,
  • Jeremy Sisto as Jubal Valentine- FBI Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge,
  • Ebonée Noel as Kristen Chazal- FBI Special Agent and an Intelligence Analyst,
  • Connie Nielsen as Ellen Solberg- Special Agent in Charge,
  • Sela Ward as Dana Mosier- Special Agent in Charge,
  • Alana de la Garza as Isobel Castille- Special Agent in Charge,
  • John Boyd as Stuart Scola- FBI Special Agent and
  • Katherine Renee Turner as Tiffany Wallace- a former NYPD officer.


  • Derek Hedlund as Special Agent JT,
  • James Chen as Ian Lim,
  • Thomas Phillip O’Neil as Dr. Neil Mosbach,
  • Rodney Richardson as Ray Stapleton,
  • Nina Lisandrello as Eve Nettles,
  • Taylor Anthony Miller as Kelly Moran,
  • Roshawn Franklin as Trevor Hobbs,
  • Vedette Lim as Elise Taylor,
  • Catherine Haena Kim as Emily Ryder,
  • Josh Segarra as Nestor Vertiz.

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Season 4 of FBI premiered on 21st September 2021 with an episode titled “All That Glitters”. Episodes air weekly on CBS. There have been 4 episodes up till now. The fourth episode aired on 12th October 2021 and the fifth was expected soon after. However, there has been some disappointing news regarding FBI Season 4 Episode 5 recently.

FBI Season 4 Episode 5 will not air this week. Or the week after that. But, the series WILL be returning eventually.

FBI is coming back on November 2nd, 2021. It is expected that more episodes will come outpost that in November.

The reason for this hiatus is unknown but it could be due to the delays in production owing to the pandemic restrictions that are still very much in place.

Unfortunately, because the episode won’t be releasing for a while now, we don’t have any details regarding the plot or what to expect either, as yet.

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