Fantastic Four cast to be teased on the D23 Expo, Here’s our prediction

MCU has currently been lining up some of the big projects and Fantastic Four stays the focus of the authorities at the time. Fantastic Four has been the topic of discussion for all the MCU fans and moreover, everyone has been curious to know what the future holds for the title at the time. The sources also reported at the time that Marvel studios is currently focusing on Fantastic Four and there was word that the title would return afterall but there has not been official news about it.

The new rumor which came out gathered all the attention of the audience as it has stated that Kevin Feige is basically planning to announce the cast of the MCU Fantastic Four reboot at the upcoming event of D23 Expo 2022 and the fans are currently hyping up about it and what it may be held ahead.

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is expected to be announced in the upcoming D23 Expo 2022

It’s no doubt that the rumor is currently surfacing throughout the internet and if it is believed at the time then Marvel will be announcing more about the Fantastic Four and the authorities are already aware of what big hype the title is currently holding at the time.

Kevin Feige will officially open up more about the title and how the title would be holding out other updates and information over time and thus the personality will open up to who will be playing the roles in the upcoming movie of the MCU. Feige will also be opening up more about the upcoming project as to who will be the director of the upcoming movie.

Also mention the part that neither Marvel nor Disney has come forward to open up about whether Fantastic Four will be included ahead in the D23 panel but the rumor has no doubt created a lot of buzz at the time. There was other news that the news of the title’s announcement was later debunked and it could be something big from the authorities that they must have been planning from the start.

There have been other words at the time that Steven Spielberg was the one in the major talks and also in the negotiations to bring upon the movie but there has not been any official confirmation coming in from the authorities as well as the personality at the time. Mike Sampson who comes out as an industry veteran also opened up on the part that Marvel Studios reached out to Spielberg on the directing of Fantastic Four and that is all the news that came in from the director’s point of the side.

Though mention that the big question that has been gathering all the attention and which has been coming out as the topic of big anticipation is who would be the cast of Fantastic Four and especially now when there have been a lot of talks and discussions about the title whereas to mention that the reboot has been the topic of big intensity and speculation from the fans and viewers.

The announcements will turn out too big for MCU

The other part which created the buzz ahead was when John Krasinski appeared as the leader of the Fantastic Four which is Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The character appeared as the alternate version of the team leader while the fans started talking if the personality will be reprising his role in the new upcoming movie and the film’s director Sam Raimi has a big doubt about the character playing the role ahead in the new movie.

These are not all the rumors which came out and there was also the word of Bryce Dallas Howard’s name involved in the project but she came out to deny it and also stated that these come out as a big load of rumors at the time. It is yet to see how the announcement will be made and what big news will be dropped by the authorities as everyone is currently looking forward to covering more about it and as the title stands out to be an anticipated one at the period of time.

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