Fans think Jim Carrey DONNING the perfect Eggman look in Sonic 2 is the Best Thing Ever

The first trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released recently at the Game Awards 2021. which not only brought back  Sonic and his friend’s tails but also we get to see Jim Carrey donning as a perfect villain as Dr. Robotnik. Fans loved Jim Carrey in the first movie playing the role of the villain who is evil but funny and that is something Jim Carrey is good at. Fans were excited to see him in the trailer when they knew that he is their reactions took over the internet.

Then there is this

Jim Carrey with his role and comic timing brilliancy in acting has almost taken over the internet once again in Twitterverse fans are talking about how he is the perfect villain and the best choice of villain for the Sonic franchise. Fans were crazy about Jim Carrey how he is enjoying himself in the movie and how he is playing the character so perfectly. Also, the trailer of the movie is almost loved by everyone. Comparing it to the first trailer of the first movie where it was criticized for not making sonic as it appears in-game and series and that backlash caused the change of sonic character and making it more sonic and from then on everything has been a smooth journey for the creators.

While the first part was much anticipated for a long time and it delivered up to everyone’s expectations even though no one thought it will be good but it was really got and it also bagged many awards in many award shows. The second part of the movie was anticipated to be much bigger than the first part and it certainly delivered up to its expectations when the trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog was dropped on The Game Awards 2021.

You can see the trailer here

The cast for Sonic 2

Jim Carrey nailed the Eggman look

While Jim Carrey has set up the bar high playing his villain role in the Sonic fans expect him to be seen in more these kinds of roles as this will be something perfect for someone like him. The Sonic the Hedgehog is set to release in 2022. There is also a slight possibility that before that we can get to see the new Sonic animated series .this is not yet confirmed by any source but there is a slight chance for it to happen. We will tell you more information about it when we get to hear something about it.


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