Fans Imagine Daniel Craig as Mister Fantastic in Latest Fan-Art

The fans on the internet have been catching up with a big discussion stating how Daniel Craig could fit the role of Mister Fantastic as there has also been the latest fan art out.

Daniel Craig is a famous personality who is known throughout originally for playing the famous role of James Bond and though the personality has also been involved in a number of projects throughout the period of time and mentioning the part that the cameo in Doctor Strange looked almost entirely different as there were talks of Daniel Craig stepping in as Mister Fantastic.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was the most awaited one at the period time and thus the movie no doubt made a big impact in the industry it was also full of surprises that the viewers loved to cover throughout the time.


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Daniel Craig is now the fan-favorite to play the role of Mister Fantastic

The famous actor John Krasinski came forward to appear as Earth-838s Reed Richards or Mister Fantastic in the movie was not the original part planned by the authorities as the number of sources has reported through the time whereas to mention that there were talks and discussions among the authorities as Daniel Craig was in plans to appear in the title but not as Mister Fantastic but as the Asgardian member of the Illuminati, Balder The Brave and though it was a character which appeared in the comics of Thor back in the time.

The big headlines have now been capturing a whole lot of attention of the audience and now everyone is demanding the authorities to bring back Daniel Craig into the project of Marvel so that they could witness something best in the order.

Also to mention the part that it is mentioned by the sources that Craig reportedly backed out from the role due to the concerns of Covid19 pandemic and thus he did not come forward for the shooting of the movie and this was made clear to the authorities at the time that the actor will not be stepping in for the role in the movie.

Although mentioned that there are still talks of the actor being involved in the project due to the part that a fan art was unveiled by the fans which portrayed Daniel Craig as Mister Fantastic and this has been getting a lot of attention at the time and though the studio would consider them part of involving the famous personality into the upcoming projects and especially holding the role of Mister Fantastic as it has been making big headlines over the period of time.

The fans on the other hand think that there would be a lot to cover with the updates on this part and hence it is yet to see what the studio will decide on the personality will be chosen to play the role.

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