Fairy Tail Season 10 Renewal News and Release Date Updates 2022

Fairy Tail is a series that is an absolute hit among anime lovers. The plot and characters are quite unique from the other anime series and the creators of the show have designed them keeping the imagination and fantasy of the fans in mind. The anime lovers must be pretty familiar with the series. It intrigues and makes the viewers happy. In this article, we shall discuss Fairy Tail Season 10.

Fairy Tail Season 10 was highly anticipated by the fans. They wondered, are wondering, and will keep wondering if the 10th season of Fairy Tail would ever happen. Until the makers of the show confirm this for them. Fairy Tail is one of the longest anime series and the 9th season was declared the final season of the series before.

But as many say, sometimes the ending of something is just the beginning. But this too is not the appropriate statement for the accomplished or happily concluded animations out there. We are still not losing our hopes. The Season 10 of Fairy Tail may have a shot still. We have mentioned below the speculations about Fairy Tail Season 10 along with other information about the series.

Fairy Tail Season 10

Plot Summary of Fairy Tail Season 10

Fairy Tail is a series that is set in a fantasized world. It is an action-adventure anime series that has been directed by Shinji Ishihira. There was a total of 328 episodes in the 9 seasons of the anime.

The story of the anime series focuses on the presence of a fictional realm called the Earth Land. In Earth Land, all the wizards make use of all their powers for granting their desires and fantasies. Along with these wizards, the realm also consists of various exotic species. The Tail revolves around Natsu, a dragon slayer, and the fairy tail guild.

The main character’s name is Natsu Dragneel. He has started his journey to the Earth Land in search of his adopted father, Dragneel. Whilst finding his father, Natsu comes along several strange and quirky creatures, species, and wizards on his way and seeks their help in the quest of his lost father and ultimately becomes successful in doing so through the end series.

The series was concluded with the Ninth season. So we don’t know whether we would be seeing the continuation of the story of Natsu or not. This is because the whole series covered the whole manga on which it was based. So, we might not have more of the plot until Hiro Mashima, the manga author plans on continuing his Fairy Tail Manga series.

Will Fairy Tail be renewed for a Season 10?

Fairy Tail was aired for almost 10 years and its adventurous fantasy and animation were loved by the fans throughout. The original comic or source material of Fairy Tail was published in 2006 in the “Weekly Shonen Magazine”. It has 63 volumes. The anime was however a debut of the manga series Tankobon and it was released on 12th October 2009 and was concluded in September 2019 with a Season 9.

However, we are in deep doubt if Fairy Tail Season 10 would now be renewed. This is because the ninth season was not concluded on a cliffhanger and everything ended smoothly. No questions or plot doubts were left at the end of the series. So, there might be no need for the unnecessary elongation of the series anymore.

The Ninth season was also declared the final season of the series by the creators. So it has been officially confirmed that there are no more seasons upcoming for Fairy Tail. This might be very gloomy news for the fans to hear and see. If we anticipate Fairy Tail Season 10 slightly, looking at the previous season it seems impossible for a new season to release now.

Characters of Fairy Tail

The series has a very good collection of characters and because of this reason also, the series was able to attract many fans.

  • Natsu Dragneel: Natsu is the male lead of the series. He is regardless, a determined, strong, and wonderful guy who went to any length for the protection of his loved ones. He faced no trouble in making friends or utilizing his magical capabilities in a proper way. This is how he slaughters and wins from the dragons.
  • Lucy Heartfilia: Lucy is the female lead of the show who joins Natsu’s proposal to join the guild in finding his father.
  • Salamander, a dragon
  • Happy, Natsu’s mate
  • Charles
  • Gray Fullbuster, is a character of the game.

But now it is clear that we might not be seeing these characters anymore. But still, we keep our hopes up for any spin-off or sequel for the series.

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