F-Zero Can Be Played On Nintendo Switch Now But, As A Game Builder Garage Creation

Don’t worry if Nintendo doesn’t show off a new F-Zero, Starfox, or WarioWare game at E3 you can always make your own knock-off in Game Builder Garage.

The £26.99 game creation package includes a colorful and simplified visual interface that makes programming accessible to everyone via step-by-step guides. After that, the creations can be shared online for others to play with and edit. Nobody knew what Game Builder Garage could do before it was released, but now that it’s in the hands of the Nintendo community, we’re seeing some incredible creations.

Remakes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Kart have been among the most popular so far, and now we have an early look at F-Zero. Yes, we were all expecting it. ZeldaBoi1 – the same person who created the Super Mario Kart game – created this particular build.

Game Garage Builder players and F-Zero fans are already demonstrating to Nintendo that if it doesn’t make another game, they’ll make it themselves.

F-Zero is one of the most popular among fans, but it’s largely overlooked. Captain Falcon hasn’t driven the Blue Falcon with the rest of the eclectic cast since F-Zero Climax, which was released exclusively in Japan in 2004. F-Zero fans, on the other hand, have kept the dream alive, and with Game Builder Garage giving players a new way to create games and experiences on Nintendo platforms, they’ve already started working on the new F-Zero game that Nintendo refuses to give them.

The building blocks of game programming come to life as little characters called “Nodons” in Game Builder Garage. You must use an Object Nodon to make an object appear on the screen. If you want the player to be hurt when they touch that object, go into its settings and select “Destructive.” Drop in a Control Nodon and link it to the B button input on the Person Nodon that represents your in-game character if you want to jump by pressing the B button.

It’s a simple programming language that, in the right hands, can become extremely complex. For example, take a look under the hood of Game Builder Garage user MrTiffles’ “Doom Eternal Garage Teaser”!

Doesn’t it appear to be quite complicated? The great thing about Game Builder Garage games is that once a creator shares their game code, as MrTiffles! did on Twitter, you can download it, copy it, and play around with it. Modify their game to make it your own, or mine their code for ideas for your own projects.

Naturally, Nintendo stated that Game Builder Garage was designed to teach us how to make games the “Nintendo way.” We’re just wondering if they meant for us to make Nintendo games the way Nintendo does, especially games like F-Zero, which Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to make. As players continue to explore what Game Builder Garage can do, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo has a response to this or what other types of projects we get to see. Of course, Nintendo’s latest creation game isn’t being used by just one person – a quick search of Twitter hashtags reveals some truly amazing creations. Nintendogs has even been recreated in the game by a Japanese user.


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