F is for Family Season 6 Release Date; Will there be a spin off series?

Animated shows have existed for so long now. Earlier being produced as cartoons, anime gave some of us the best childhood memories with shows like The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Hey Arnold, etc. The popularity of animation among kids as well as adults has helped many shows travel the world with their stories. Until the early 2010s, these shows were broadcasted on a daily basis until the online platforms arrived as a revolution. Many of these shows shifted from TV channels to Netflix and other OTT platforms and can be watched with a subscription while some are aired on a free-to-watch basis. in this article, we will discuss the upcoming season on one such show which is F is for Family season 6.

F is for Family Season 6

How Animated Shows Are Ruling Now?

Recent times have witnessed animation evolve from cartoons to different genres. Whether sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or drama, anime is grasping the audience towards it. Naruto has become a well-known character amongst teens now.

One such show is “F is for Family”. The adult animated drama series has left its audience rolling in laughter since its first release in 2015. Amidst the Covid time, the show has gained a lot of popularity, and audiences of every age have undeniably ranked it as one of the best shows to ever exist. The story revolves around the Murphy family and has five seasons that are written and narrated most cleverly. But, will there be a F is for Family Season 6 or will it be replaced by a spinoff.

The Murphy family is loosely based on the life of stand-up comedian, Bill Burr who also dubbed the voice of Frank Murphy in the show. The show revolves around a typical American family in the early 1970s. Based on some real-life daily events in a middle-class family, the show became relatable to the life of people of the 21st century.

What Made ‘The Murphy Family’ Famous?

The show revolves around the family of Frank X who is a Korean war vet with a foul mouth. He owns a very dysfunctional family that consists of his wife, Susan, and three kids among which Frank Murphy is played by Bill Burr who faces tough obstacles in life.

Everyone in the family has different views and this creates issues on daily basis like the most hilarious thought of Susan not having children for the betterment of this planet. Like lol, seriously?

It has got some of the most famous taglines like Frank Murphy screaming, “I don’t need a 25-dollar Bible to teach me about God! I almost bled out in Korea, all right?! I HAVE MET GOD!”

The show ended its fifth season in the most subtle and simple way. Michael calls the idea behind this was given by Bill himself, who can be somehow referred to as the protagonist of the show. Think of it, people relating their life to a family that dates back 50 years! Incredible storytelling has perhaps made it the most celebrated and enjoyable TV sitcom drama available on OTT platforms.

The show currently holds 93% rotten tomatoes and an IMDb rating of 8 out of 10. The Murphy family came with new tantrums in their life for five long years until season five aired on Netflix in 2021. Fans are hoping Netflix to bring F is for Family Season 6 in the form of a spin-off series.

F is for Family Season 6 might actually come as a Spin-off?

Sadly, one year before the final release, the streaming platform Netflix announced that season five is the last renewal of the show and there will be no more seasons coming in the upcoming future. The fans were left heartbroken and had spammed the creators of ‘F is for Family’ – Michael Price and Bill Burr to tell them the truth.

Hoping to get a positive sign from its creators, the announcement by Netflix was re-shared by Michael Price and Bill Burr. The duo mentioned there will be no more seasons of the Murphy family on the screens. Some fans remark watching the show as the best five years of their life and some of the crazy fan groups have even signed petitions requesting to at least release either a spin-off or F is for Family Season 6. The hashtags and Twitter trends have gained noticeable attention over the past month.

The makers must have witnessed this immersive love of the audience for the show and must be left wondering about something special to offer to the fans. Any ray of hope can make the fans go crazy now. Until then they have to look for some amazing alternatives or rewatch the show again for tons of laughter.

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