Exciting New Designs Revealed By Good Pixel 6 Renders And Fans Can’t Wait For The Launch

The leaks are courtesy of Jon Prosser and show off an eye-catching new concept for the Pixel 6 series. It’s something we’ve never seen before, and Pixel fans should be excited.

Google has been playing it safe with the Pixel line for the past couple of generations, but it appears that it is finally able to shake things up in the smartphone world again this year. A recent leak claims to reveal renders of the forthcoming Pixel versions.

Google Pixel 6 is still months away from release, but a renowned leaker has dropped perhaps the most significant leak, revealing almost everything about the next Pixel’s architecture.

The Pixel 6 concept seems outlandish and very un-Google in a series of press renders shared by Jon Prosser, but it provides a sense of excitement and that a business like Google is willing to experiment. The renders display a huge horizontal slab protruding from the rest of the phone’s back, separating it into two distinct shades.

The Google Pixel 6 render depicts the phone from every perspective, and it appears to be the polar opposite of what everyone expected. The stove-like style that we were accustomed to with subsequent Pixel versions, such as last year’s Pixel 5, has been totally replaced by a new horizontal series.

This array features three camera sensors that are neatly aligned, as well as an LED flash in the far right corner of the array. The collection protrudes from the rest of the body, causing the phone to wobble when placed on a flat surface. This slab is finished with a curved edge on both sides, giving it a finished look.

The front-facing panel tends to have extremely thin bezels, which is a major departure from previous Pixel versions. It’s even slightly bent around the edges.

From the front, it looks very similar to recent Samsung phones, and it also has an in-display fingerprint sensor rather than the physical Pixel Imprint sensor that is normally used on the rear.

Even the colors are said to be correct. That means there will be a white and orange model, a pale orange Pro model, and a champagne/gold model. Prosser did note that other colors could exist, but these were the only ones he saw.

That means, if the source is genuine and the devices are final, this is as similar to the real thing as we’ll get before the phone line launches.

These leaks are credited to Jon Prosser, but they have also been “proven” by Max Weinbach, who claimed that while the design is right, the colors are not.

We don’t know when it will be, but big Pixel range releases usually happen later in the year, as we hit the holiday season.

According to the renders, the Pixel 6 is smaller and has only two cameras on the back, which are housed in a very unique-looking camera module. These may be a standard wide sensor or an ultra-wide sensor.

The Pixel 6 Pro is larger and has three sensors on the back, one of which may be a telephoto lens nevertheless, it does not appear to be a periscope-type lens, so more than 3x optical magnification should be avoided.


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