Everything to know about the Kardashians vs Blac Chyna Court Battle Here

We are here to give a big update on the ongoing controversy of Kardashians vs Blac Chyna as the court battle has been taking off to another level. The controversy of Kardashians and Blac Chyna has been running heavily on the internet as huge discussions and debates are being followed at this person of time on the matter.

Their legal battle in the court will proceed ahead with trials so that a firm decision could be set out in one’s favor. Mentioning the part that Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian appeared in the court with their lawyer to proceed for the legal court witness talks as Blac Chyna’s representatives were also present at the time.

Blac Chyna filed a major lawsuit recently against The Kardashians

Their matters have escalated over the time but the big question has been rising among the fans as to what is the legal dispute basically being shed through at the time. The legal battle on the other hand first took place back in 2017 when Chyna went ahead to sue Rob Kardashian for the reason of damaging her brand and thus abusing her physically whereas the audience already knew at the time that the line was crossed and though everyone was curious to cover what will happen in the times to come or whether the matter would eventually shut down on its own the things did not go as planned at the period of time.

Chyna has recently filed a lawsuit and thus claiming that the nude photo scandal has stood out to be a big challenging period in her life and mentioned that the influence of the Kardashian family has also led to the current ongoing circumstances which have been following around and the challenging period which came through at the time basically went ahead to cancel the reality show which was titled, Rob and Chyna.

Moreover to mention that Rob has basically denied all the allegations which were put forth against him and thus stating it to be a false claim at the time. The trial was kicked off recently in Los Angeles on April 18 and the ongoing trial is expected to run for a total of 10 days at the time according to the sources.

The Kardashians were present in the court on the day of the trial and they would also be appearing in the next hearing and to mention that the sources have reported that there could actually be more people called up to testify for the case whereas to mention that Rob has been absent at the time. The internet has been getting all heated up at the time with the ongoing situation and everyone is curious to cover more news and thus what will be leading ahead in time and it which side may the decision be ruled ahead now that the court will be coming forward with the decision.

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