Everything to know about the Addison Rae Blue Light Skin Care product SCAM

Addison Rae‘s reputation is at stake. The popular singer is receiving heavy backlash from the audience out there. She is not only known for her voice but also for her clear-cut skin. The gorgeous singer has recently launched a new beauty product in the market. It is an anti-pollution face mist. The problem arises when the singer claimed the mist can protect the skin from Blue Light. The product is essentially designed for this matter. But looks like it is a “SCAM” product. The beauty bloggers and fashionistas are highly criticizing Rae’s newly launched face mist! Stay tuned with us to know all about it, just right here.

Addison Rae’s New Beauty Product, Screen Break Is Creating Chaos In The Market!

We all know about Addison Rae’s renowned beauty product line, ITEM beauty. She is the sole founder of the brand. She has recently patterned with Sephora as well. The brand is growing well in the market. Starting from smooth lip gloss to flawless beauty compact powder, her beauty product range is endless. Recently, the sensational singer has added a new product in her beauty line, it is a face mist. The product is named Screen Break.

The product contains natural glycerin to keep your face hydrated. It also includes niacinamide which keeps a check on your skin tone. It is filled with a dandelion extract which fights daily pollutants in the air. Everything was fine until it mentioned it contains ashwagandha which will protect your skin if you scroll, swipe, and stream through any electronic device. The face mist is specially designed to protect your face from blue rays which emit from electronic gadgets. Addison surely did a mistake here as blue rays don’t cause any harm to our skin!

Addison’s Rae’s Newly Launched Face Mist Is A Scam: Know Everything About It, Just Down Here!

There is a scientific study out there that has proved the fact that blue rays are not harmful to our body and skin. The study also says that spending a full week in front of an electronic gadget is the same as spending a minute outside, in the sunlight. Obviously, the people burst out over Addison Rae’s newly launched face mist. Screen Break is clearly not working out in the market.

The product is labeled as a scam in the beauty industry. Addison Rae is silent on the criticisms out there. But the singer needs to speak up. A very same product was launched by Valkyrae as well, which claimed the same thing. The product was named RFLCT. It was supposed to protect the gamers from the blue light. But it faced heavy hatred from the beauty industry. At last, the whole brand was chucked out from the market.

Addison Rae’s beauty line is shattering. She needs to clear out the mess as soon as possible. She needs to rectify the blunder her face mist has created. Either she needs to make a strong comeback or she needs to address the issue publicly. The beauty industry is not happy with Rae’s newly launched face mist. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on high-fashioned celebrities, stay connected with us, just right here.

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