Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 23 READ MANGA and Release Data

Everyone Else Is A Returnee is a popular action-fantasy manhwa series that follows the journey of Yu Ilhan, who’s the only person remaining on Earth after everyone differently disappeared. In this chapter, we will take a near look at the upcoming chapter 23, including its release date, spoilers, and where to read it.

Release Date

Chapter 23 of Everyone Differently Is A Returnee is expected to be released on March 2023. The series is published on a weekly basis, and fans can anticipate the next chapter to be available soon.


In this chapter, we may see Ilhan’s continued journey in the other world as he develops his skills and power. The empress, Kang Mirae, may also make a return, and we may see her offering Ilhan an invitation to join forces with her. also, we may see the evolution of the monsters in the dungeons and the trouble they pose to the humans.

Where to Read

Although there’s no official website to read the chapters of Everyone Differently Is A Returnee outside of Korea, there are several sites where fans can read the series for free. The Kakao Page is the most popular platform for reading the series in Korea, and other websites like Mangadex and Mangaowl also have the series available for readers.

The Returnees Unite

In the face of this new threat, the Returnees come together to form an alliance and work together to stop the Demon King. This is a significant moment in the story as it shows the Returnees putting aside their differences and working towards a common thing. The Returnees’ unity and determination are pivotal in the face of the Demon King’s overwhelming power.

The Battle for Survival

Chapter 23 features some of the most intense and action-packed scenes in the entire series. The Returnees are engaged in a fierce battle against the Demon King’s armyfighting for their survival and the survival of their world. The battles are brutal, and the stakes are highmaking for a thrilling and suspenseful read.

The Rise of New Heroes

In this chapter, we see the emergence of new heroes who rise to the occasion and play crucial roles in the battle against the Demon King. These characters bring new skills and abilities to the table, and their bravery and determination are inspiring. The Power Struggles Within the Elf Kingdom. In Chapter 23, it becomes clear that there are power struggles within the Elf Kingdom. The Elves are divided, with some supporting the Queen and her actions, and others opposing her. This adds a fresh layer of complexity to the story, as the returnees must navigate these power struggles while trying to defeat the Elves.

The Importance of Trust

Trust is a critical theme in Chapter 23. The returnees must decide who they can trust, as they’re faced with an enemy who’s manipulating them. They must also trust each other, as they work together to defeat the Elves. This theme of trust is an important one, as it highlights the significance of unity and cooperation in the face of adversity.


Everyone Else Is A Returnee Chapter 23 promises to be an exciting chapter filled with actionfantasy, and dramaFans of the series can not stay to see what is in store for Ilhan and the other characters in the next chapter. Stay tuned for the release of Chapter 23 in March, 2023, and do not forget to read it on your favorite manga website.


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