Eric the Trainer Cause of Death: How the Celebrity Fitness Coach Died Unexpectedly

Eric Fleishman, a celebrity fitness coach known as “Eric the Trainer”, died suddenly on Thanksgiving morning at his Glendale home. He was 53. The cause of death was not immediately available, but there were reports that he had committed suicide. His family and friends are devastated by the loss of a man who touched many lives with his positivity, light, and love.

A Passion for Fitness and Helping Others

Eric Fleishman was born in rural Maine, where he lived on a farm with sheep, pigs, and even a donkey. He began his fitness career as a 98-pound wimp who was bullied at school. He decided to change his life by lifting weights and studying martial arts. He soon became a certified personal trainer and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of working with celebrities.

Eric Fleishman worked with a slew of celebrity clients, including boy band Big Time Rush, Ethan Suplee, Kirstie Alley, Michelle Branch, and Max Martini. He also trained U.S. soldiers in the Middle East, hosted the Mr. America Bodybuilding competition, and hosted Celebrity Sweat, a TV show that featured him working out with stars like Chris Pratt, Evander Holyfield, and Terry Crews.

Eric Fleishman was known for his holistic approach to fitness, which incorporated nutrition, sleep, meditation, and positive thinking. He also had a passion for helping others achieve their goals and improve their lives. He founded the Hollywood Muscle Foundation, a charity that provided fitness equipment and training to underprivileged children and adults. He also supported causes such as animal welfare, environmental protection, and mental health awareness.

Tributes from Fans and Celebrities

Eric Fleishman’s death shocked Hollywood and the fitness community. Many of his fans and celebrities took to social media to express their grief and pay tribute to him. Some of them shared their personal stories of how he inspired them, motivated them, and changed their lives for the better.

“90210” actor Matt Lanter wrote: “Crushed. Eric made such an impact on my life and I don’t think he even knew it. I’m just shocked.” Patrick Schwarzenegger wrote: “So sad. Rip Eric. Will miss you.” “Karate Kid” star Martin Kove shared a series of pictures of the pair together on Twitter, along with the caption: “RIP my friend and brother.”

Eric Fleishman’s family announced that they will hold a Celebration of Life ceremony for him in the near future. They asked fans and friends to send their “experiences, memories, and tributes” as well as “photos, videos, music and stories” to a designated email address. They said: “This loss is devastating, and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

Eric Fleishman’s legacy will live on through his work, his charity, and his positive influence on countless people. He will be remembered as a beacon of light, hope, and love in a dark world.

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