Gold Rush Season 11: Release Date, Plot & All season summary

Gold Rush Season 11

Discovery channel’s top-rated and most-watched show GOLD RUSH, Gold Rush season 11, will soon hit your TV.

The plot of the show:

Gold Rush is a worldwide docudrama show airs on the Discovery channel. The whole show is centered on the families running gold mining companies in Dawson City, Yukon, and Canada. Few of the earlier season includes the mining experience in Western North America and South America as well.
The show makes you understand the pros and cons of being a gold miner to tackle the gold excavation and joy problems after the gold is extracted from the land.

Work amid Covid 19 –

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the shooting of the show stopped. After getting the new guideline release, Mines are allowed to resume their work. After that, the show shooting resumed, and the pandemic created a significant impact on this industry. The upcoming season will focus on all these issues, along with the pros and cons

Previous Season Summary and Synopsis: DateSynopsis
1Season 1December 2010 The show focused on six men who lost their jobs; they decided to start gold mining and their experiences and learnings.
2Season 2October 2011By the end of the season, Hurt manage to mine 80.4 oz worth 125000 dollars, Schnabel crew mines 34 oz worth 55000 dollars, and Hoffman crew manage to excavate 93.5 oz worth 150000 dollars..
3Season 3October 2012At the end of the season, Hoffman mined 803 ounces worth 1.28 million dollars Dakota and Parker mined gold worth over a quarter-million dollars each.            
4Season 4August 2013Dakota boys mined 280 ounces, and Parker’s crew mined 836 ounces by the season end.
5Season 5October 2014By the end of the season, Parker and Hoffman’s combined mined 3887 ounces totaling just under 4.6 million dollars.
6Season 6October 2015 By the end of the season, Tony manage to excavate 737 ounces, Parker managed to pull out 3372 ounces worth approx. 3.5 million and Hoffman’s mined 3032 ounces worth almost 3 million.
7Season 7October 2016By the end of the season, Parker Schnabel and his team manage to mine 4300 ounces, Tony beets and family mined 2100 ounces, and Todd’s manage to mine 1100 ounces worth over 5 million.
8Season 8October 2017Season end concludes- Hoffman’s mined 1644 ounces worth approx. 2 million, Parker’s team finished 6280 ounces worth approx. 7.5 million, tony beets mined 3659 ounces worth 4.4 million.
9Season 9October 2018In this season, parker achieves its goal of 7000 by mining 7427 ounces worth nearly 9 million, and rick mined 1105 ounces worth 1.3 million, and tony mine 4400 ounces.
10Season 10October 2019The show, as focused on Parker’s crew in total they excavated 7223 ounces worth 10.8 million..
11Season 11October 2020To Be Announced

Release Date:

The upcoming season of the show will be released on 23rd October 2020 on the Discovery channel.
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