Kumkum Bhagya 13 January 2021: Aliya locked Riya inside the storeroom!!!

Kumkum Bhagya 13 January 2021

Prachi called Riya to ask if she needs her help to stop the wedding. Riya said she would make sure that Abhi and Pragya wed today. Dadi was upset about Pragya not coming to the wedding. When Riya asked Meera to back off from the wedding, she denied it. Pallavi got a dress for Riya. Aliya locked Riya inside the storeroom to not stop Abhi’s wedding.

The episode started with Riya worrying about how to stop Abhi’s wedding.

Prachi called her and reminded her of the deal. “Aryan told me about the wedding preparations. I trusted you. Because of you, I broke Ranbir’s heart. Please do something to stop the wedding. Tell me if you need my help.”

Riya got irritated and said, “You don’t need to call me for this. I am already working on the plan and your help is not required at all. Stop being bossy like an elder sister. You are only a few seconds older than me.”

“Ranbir still loves you and you better not take advantage of this after your mom marries dad. Remember if I can make them marry, I can separate them too.” Riya warned Prachi, who replied that she would keep her promise.

Riya said, you don’t have any other choice. I will make sure that dad marries your mom today.

After the conversation, Riya went to Abhi’s room, but she decided to talk to Meera when she saw Mitali and Aliya, considering her to be the last hope.

Aliya and Mitali got a wedding dress for Abhi and asked him to get ready soon as the “muhurat” was close. She chose sherwani for Abhi that reminded him of Pragya. Dadi also saw their enthusiasm and got hurt that they could not see Abhi’s pain. Only Pragya can do something to stop this wedding. She thought of talking to Sarita Ji.

Pragya refused to talk to anyone:

And there, Pragya recalled the past incidents. She remembered Abhi advocating Meera, incidents at his engagement, etc. She started crying.

Sarita Ji and Shahana came back from the market. Sarita Ji saw Pragya crying and talked to her. “You remained quiet at Abhi’s Haldi Ceremony. Please do something before it gets late.” Pragya was avoiding the conversation. Sarita Ji asked, “Are you running away from me or the truth?”

Pragya locked her inside the room. Sarita Ji discussed her pain with Prachi.

Abhi was missing Pragya. He took his phone and went out.

Mitali asked Aliya, what if Pragya comes and stops the wedding? Aliya scolded her not to utter a word with her black tongue. Funnily, Mitali checked her tongue’s color and found it to be pink only.

Dadi was disheartened to know Pragya’s condition!

Dadi called Sarita Ji to know the situation at their home. She said everyone is getting ready for the wedding at Mehra Mansion.

Sarita Ji said that Pragya is in a bad mood. “She is in her room and wants to remain alone.” She continued.

Dadi was disappointed to know that Pragya will not attend the wedding. She prayed to God to save this relationship.

Meera denied backing off!

Meera was getting ready in her room. The beautician said, “You are looking so beautiful, Abhi sir had to fall in love with you.”

Meera recalled the moments when she witnessed Abhi’s love for Pragya. She thought, “I will be the luckiest person if I get Mr Mehra’s love.”

Riya entered and asked her, “I was waiting for you the whole night, where were you?”

Meera said, “I was in Aliya’s room because she was not feeling well.”

Riya understood that Aliya’s trick was not to let Meera aunty meet me.

Meera could read her face and ask why she was tensed?

Riya questioned her, “Do you love me?” Meera said, of course!

Riya said, ok, then back off. Don’t marry my dad.

Meera asked her why she was demanding this. “Mr Mehra had proposed to me.” She continued.

Riya said, “You are also aware that I wanted dad to marry you, so I blackmailed him emotionally.

Meera said, “I do know. But you only put this condition. Riya said yes, but now I am asking you to back off. Meera denied. However, it was unexpected for Riya.

“Fine! if you marry dad, I will not accept you as my mom and will keep hating you forever. I will never let you call my baby.” Riya told Meera.

Meera replied, you do what you like, and I will do what I like. I am sorry. Riya said, our relationship is over. Goodbye.

Mitali also told Riya that Abhi was looking for you, and now he is in the storeroom and looking for a sherwani.

Riya told Meera that dad would do what I want though you denied it while leaving. He will not say “sorry.” and left. Mitali ran after her.

Meera was sure that Mr. Mehra would not step back, and now only Pragya can stop this wedding. She felt sorry for hurting Riya.

Pallavi got a dress for Riya:

Pallavi showed a dress to Vikram and dida that she bought for Riya while getting ready for Abhi’s wedding. Dida said, you are crazy and told Vikram that she suggests wearing matching clothes for the wedding.

Ranbir was entering while thinking of Prachi.

Pallavi showed Ranbir’s dress and said it would suit my daughter-in-law. Ranbir asked her if he can keep it with him, to which Pallavi agreed, thinking Riya would feel great to receive it from Ranbir, who got his friend’s call and left the conversation in the middle, Pallavi went after him to give him the dress. However, Vikram was feeling helpless for not giving his son his happiness.

Aliya locked Riya in the storeroom:

When Riya entered the storeroom, Abhi was not there. She realized Mitali lied to her. Then she saw Aliya and Mitali coming. Aliya said I would not let you do what you want and locked her inside. Riya worried because she would lose Ranbir if she couldn’t stop this wedding.

Mitali warned Aliya that Abhi would not take this lightly what we are doing with Riya. Aliya said he would surely understand me when I will tell him the motive for doing this.

Shahana got a message from Aryan that she is a bad sister for Prachi. She tried to talk to him, but he switched off his phone. Sarita Ji made fun of her that no one wants to talk to her. Shahana got angry and left to meet him, saying she will not spare him.

Abhi and Pragya were missing each other!

Abhi was desperately waiting for Pragya’s call. While Pragya was crying, she wished if she could stop this wedding. Abhi thought Pragya only counted his mistakes. Meanwhile, a box dropped down with Abhi’s photo in it. Pragya took that photo in her hand and decided to stop the wedding the way she defeated Tanu’s evil intentions. She thought neither her kumkum will be separated from her nor Abhi’s fuggi will be separated from him.


Pragya reaches the police’s wedding and asks them to arrest Aliya and Meera.

What would be Pragya’s next step? How would Riya come out? Read the next article for answers.