Lootcase – Reportedly Missing!

The star cast of the movie is Kunal Khemu playing the role of Nandan Kumar, Rasika Dugal, playing Lata Kumar Nandan’s wife’s part. Vijay Raaz is playing the role of Bala Rathore.

Ranvir Shorey is playing the role of Inspector Madhav Kolte. Gajraj Rao is playing the role of MLA Patil. Aryan Prajapati plays Ayush Kumar, Nandan, and Lata’s son.

Nandan Kumar, a middle-class man who repairs machines at a printing press. He doesn’t believe in destiny and fortunes and lives in a chawl with his taunting wife, Lata, and son Ayush.

Nandan’s family struggles to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, keeping their low financial reality in mind.

MLA Patil tries an attempt to transfer Rs. 10 crores and a file containing evidence of widespread embezzlement to another minister. He tries to blackmail a local gangster Omar to carry out the task.

Omar’s men put all the money in a red-colored suitcase.

While commuting the bag full of money, Omar’s men are trapped and ambushed by their rival gangster Bala Rathore’s evil goons. MLA Patil’s men try to hide the suitcase during the shootout in the hope of taking it back later.

However, Nandan discovers the bag piled under crates by chance, and after knowing the bag was full of money. He panicked for a minute and then decided to take it home and hid it in his neighbor’s vacant home.

When Bala and Patil realize that the suitcase and the file are missing, they send their respective people in search of it at any cost. Patil additionally blackmails police officer Inspector Kolte and recruits him to find the suitcase and the file.

Kolte and his informer Fazlu try to gather all the possible information about the shootout, but all the CCTV cameras nearby were not operational.

Meanwhile, Nandan spends some part of that money on his family’s needs but keeps Lata in the dark about its source. Bala’s men spotted Fazlu and started tracking Kolte to find any lead about the bag. Nandan divides the money into several small packets and tries to hide them around the house.

He thought of keeping one pack in his office drawer. One of the CCTV cameras becomes operational again, allowing Inspector Kolte to see Nandan leaving the scene in an auto-rickshaw.

Meanwhile, Nandan is trying his best to keep his money hidden from his neighbors and Lata. He tries to purchase a luxurious apartment but fails to accept cash payments.

Meanwhile, Inspector Kolte finds the auto-rickshaw driver from the CCTV footage, and the driver identified Nandan. The driver stated that he knows his name as he has seen Nandan’s debit card with his name and bank information while it fell on the road.

Nandan goes to his bank teller and tries to enquire about a cash-counting machine, but the cashiers laughed him off.

Nandan shouts at the cashier out of frustration and panic rush and leaves the back with a furious mind. Inspector Kolte reaches the same bank. Investigating Nandan, and the cashier told him about Nandan’s suspicious behavior and gave him Nandan’s address.

Inspector Kolte arrives at Nandan’s home precisely when Lata finds the mystery of the hidden suitcase kitchen. Inspector Kolte holds the whole family at gunpoint and demands to have the money back. Nandan agrees and shows all the hidden spots to Kolte.

Nandan told about the packet hidden inside the office drawer and escorts Kolte to take that as well. Bala’s men were continuously noticing Kolte’s actions and were reporting about everything to their boss. Bala and Patil team up to kill Kolte and recover all the money.

Upon arriving at the office, Kolte sends Nandan inside to get all the hidden money. Bala’s men wait for Nandan to leave and ambush Kolte and trap him. Kolte escapes with Patil’s file, realizing its importance and deciding to blackmail Patil.

Nandan got held by his heavily drunk boss as he tries an attempt to bring back the money packet. Kolte directs him to a way to the secret warehouse.

Nandan somehow manages to reach there, but Bala and Omar have already ambushed the warehouse with their respective men. There goes a shootout, and Nandan is the only living survivor.

Nandan decides to take the warehouse’s money with him but leaves the file behind. Alfile’she content is leaked, and Patil’s political career is finished. Nandan returns to his village and takes up the farming method, but Omar’s men track him down and kill him one day.