Choti Sardarni: Param addicted to tab?

Meher, who was already overburdened by the stress of Param’s tab, got more worried after his teacher informed him that Param didn’t attend the class that day.

When she went to Harleen’s room to question Param, she was more surprised to see him busy playing games on his tab. She burst out with anger and immediately snatched the tab from his hand.

Param got irritated and told Meher to return the tab as he was enjoying his game and was at one of the highest levels of the game. Harleen, too, told her to return the tab, but Meher denied it.

After Meher told Harleen that Param didn’t attend his class that day, Harleen said, “Meher, return him the tab. When you used to live in that thatched house, did he attend the classes that time? Common Meher, this is the first day of this year. If he won’t attend his class for a day, what loss would happen to his studies, after all it isn’t a high-level exam.”

Meher retaliated, “But the problem here is that when I clearly told him to attend the class, why didn’t he listen to me?”

On seeing Meher angry, Param recalled the day when he had begged, and Meher slapped him for doing the same. Param cried and got frightened. He asked if Meher would beat him again. Harleen got shocked after listening that Meher had beat him before.

Param said, “Harleen bua, Meher mom beat me when we used to stay in that new nest.”

Before Meher could explain the reason behind beating Param that time, Harleen was filled with rage, and she didn’t let her utter a single word on her defense.

“Param always remember one thing, till the time I am with you, nobody can beat you. Meher, how dare you slap my Param in my absence? He is a little kid. In our family, nobody has ever beat any child before. Forget beating, we haven’t even yelled at any child. You beat my innocent Param. By accepting your mistake you cannot ignore the mistake,” shouted Harleen.

Sarabjeet, too, tried to explain to her, but she didn’t listen. She said that beating a child is never the right thing. Meher tried to convince Harleen not to let Param so free.

“Harleen di, his exams are round the corner,” she said.

“These are just normal tests, not a UPSC exam. As it is, we aren’t going to make him any collector or IAS officer in future. You have created such a big mess over a tab. That little child was only playing games. You created such a big scene only in a day,” said Harleen.

When Sarabjeet tried to calm her down, she said, “What was the big deal? He was just playing a game.”

Meher told Sarabjeet to come with her in private as she wanted to discuss Param with him alone. She took the tab from Param’s hand in the room and showed it to Sarabjeet.

She said, “Sarabjeet ji, have a look. He has reached the 60th level of the game. This game comprises 100 levels and he has reached 60. To complete each level, one has to play continuously, as it takes five minutes to complete one level. That means he has played this game continuously for 5 hours, and Harleen di has claimed that Param has played just for 15-20 minutes.”

Sarabjeet told Param not to play games now and asked him to apologize to Meher. No sooner did he apologize than Harleen entered and said that it wasn’t his fault. He said that Meher and Sarabjeet should apologize to Param instead for doing all they had done with him in the past.

“For the sake of Karan, you kept my Param in such a poor state there and dared to slap him too.

I have equal right on Param as both of you have on him. Till the time Harleen bua is what you, you needn’t be a sad Param. I always want to see you happy. Don’t worry about your studies. I will directly call your principal and take care of it,” said Harleen.

Param asked, “Is Meher mother angry with me? Have I become a bad boy?”

Harleen replied, “Not at all, you are a very good boy. Your parents love you a lot and I assure you that your parents will come to you in the morning.”

Harleen asked why he was sad. He replied that he wouldn’t play more games as his father has refused him to do so.

In Meher’s room, Sarabjeet and Meher continued their discussion about Param. Sarabjeet clearly told her to take a rest as she was already on medication.

“Meher ji, you won’t take more stress now. You should have told me about Param earlier, I would have tackled the situation. I want you to rest now and don’t worry about him,” said Sarabjeet.

Meher said, “I am more worried about Harleen di’s attitude than Param. I know we are blessed with all the luxuries, but that doesn’t mean Param shouldn’t study. I know she didn’t mean this way, but Param wouldn’t understand. Kids are very innocent. Whatever they hear, they speak and believe.

I am scared that this pampering nature of di might spoil him. With love and care it is important to maintain discipline. I want my Param to become a big man, and for that, he has to work and study hard. He should get used to hearing a ‘no’ from now on, else he wouldn’t listen to us when he grows up.”

Sarab replied, “I understand your concern Meher. Harleen has taken care of Param since his childhood. When we had left the house, she used to weep a lot. She had met Param after such a long time, that’s why she is acting this way. I assure you that Param would get bored of the tab in the morning and would leave the tab.”

Amrita called Meher and thanked her for her advice. She also informed Meher and Sarabjeet that she got a job in Jagga’s company. She told Sarabjeet that she always took advice from Meher as she had the ability to predict how a decision can impact the future.

The next day, Meher was about to apply powder on Karan’s body but stopped. She recalled how Param had promised Karan in the past that no matter how busy he would be, he would always be the only person to apply powder on his body. Meher thought that it was the best way to distract Param from his tab as she believed that Param would never ignore his brotherly duty.

In Kulwant Kaur’s house, Amrita got ready as she wanted to be on time for the first day of her job. As she was leaving, Kulwant intentionally told her to put pickles on the roof so that she could not attend the job that day. Amrita had no option but to agree with her.

“Jagga ji, you please go to the office. I would get done with my household chores and join you later,” said Amrita.

When Meher went downstairs to call Param, she was shocked as she heard him talking to his friend on the phone. He said that he was busy nowadays with his new tab and he only thought about the games, even in his dream. Meher asked everyone to tell her where Karan’s powder was? It was a trick to let Param apply powder on Karan’s body. But Param chose his tab instead of Karan.

What will Meher do now to stop Param? Watch Monday’s episode to find out more.