Choti Sardarni 7th January 2021 episode: Tarkash punished for his sins

In the previous episodes, we have seen Meher continuously fighting and taking a stand for Aarti. She didn’t give me even once. Despite not getting support from her husband, she continued to bury Tarkash and Aarti’s hidden secrets.

Meher impatiently asked Aarti to stand for herself and tell everyone who Tarkash has been threatening her for so many years.

“I am always with you Aarti ji. You needn’t be afraid of anyone. Please tell everything now,” pleaded Meher.

Tarkash interrupted and said, “Yes Aarti, I want you to be honest today. Tell everyone only the truth as your statement will be about an innocent person.”

Aarti understood that Tarkash was trying to warn her of not uttering a single word against him; she would have to face the consequences later. She had no option but to claim all the allegations of Meher false.

“It is all a lie. I have never met Meher ji before this party nor did I tell her anything about Tarkash. He really loves me and Ritu and has never beat us,” said Aarti hesitatingly.

Meher smiled at Aarti and said, “I know why you are lying today. But what you couldn’t do till now, your daughter has done instead of you.”

Everyone was surprised by Meher’s sentence. Aarti and Tarkash were equally surprised as they tried to figure out how they would escape this situation. Meher confidently said that she has proof that would reveal Tarkash’s lies and evilness. She told everyone that when Param and Ritu were videos calling his friends, he had recorded something that would expose Tarkash. She switched on the projector in the hall and played the video.

“You always stay quiet Ritu? Why aren’t you talking to us?” asked Yuvi.

“I am just worried about what my father would do with me and my mother when we would return home? I am scared he will thrash us again,” cried Ritu.

Param questioned, “How can Tarkash uncle beat you and your mother? He is such a nice man. My father always tells me that it is a sin to hit a woman.”

Ritu replied, “My father is not the same. He hits me and my mother everyday. He doesn’t like me to dance or make new friends. Most of the time he beats without any big reason. He won’t spare us even today. That day too, he was beating my mother with ghungroo. Luckily, Meher aunty came and saved my mother, else I have no idea what would have happened to my mother. I request you both, please don’t tell this to anyone else my father would beat me badly.”

Param consoled Ritu and said that they would always be friends and nobody would harm her at his house. She is safe in his house. Yuvi, too consoled her and requested her to smile and greet his friends.

Sarabjeet fumed with anger after seeing the video and went to Tarkash to slap him, but stopped. Tarkash fell on Aarti’s feet and pleaded to forgive him for all the things he had done with her to date. He asked her for another chance. Aarti was about to forgive her, but Meher stopped her.

Meher said, “I am proud of you Aarti. Because of women like you, these men feel that women are weak. Are you ready to compromise for the rest of your life? If you forgive him today, he would be even worse after he returns home. Do you want your daughter to suffer again?”

Aarti recalled all the moments when Tarkash had thrashed him and his daughter mercilessly. Meher’s words raised her confidence, and she realized that a man like him doesn’t deserve forgiveness. She slapped him and oozed out all the anger she had been holding in her heart for so many years. Sarabjeet handed over Tarkash to the cops.

After some time, Ritu came out of the room and saw his father missing.

Aarti smiled and informed her that Sarabjeet and Meher got Tarkash arrested and nobody would beat them again in the future. Ritu smiled and came running to her mother happily. Sarabjeet praised Ritu and Meher’s courage to deal with such a horrible situation.

Sarabjeet went to Meher to apologize, but she was still upset with him for not believing her before. Everyone in their house told him to convince her wife to forgive him romantically. Sarabjeet said if Meher won’t forgive her, he would die. Meher placed a hand on his mouth to shut him and forgave her.

While everyone enjoyed the New Year party, Meher felt a bit dizzy but ignored it as she didn’t want to ruin the party.

The next day, Amrita called Meher and applauded her for her brave act. She said that she even helped her out when she needed her the most.

Amrita said, “Meher you are so nice. I am proud of you after what you did for Aarti and Ritu. You have changed their lives. You convinced Jagga ji to let me work. You resolved our issue. Today, I will present him the account sheet that I have prepared for his business and I hope he happily hires me.”

During their conversation, Meher started feeling dizzy again and held her stomach tightly with pain. Amrita was worried and kept on asking Meher what was wrong. She replied that she felt dizzy. Amrita said that she should take care of herself as she had already taken a lot of stress in the past.

After some time, Meher went to her bedroom to wake up Sarab and Param as it was the first day of 2021, and they didn’t want them to be lazy. After a long time, the viewers see a romantic moment between Sarabjeet and Meher.

Will this serial continues to go on a good flow, or is there another twist preparing to unfold itself in Meher and Sarabjeet’s lives? Watch tonight’s episode to find out.