Kumkum Bhagya 5 January 2021: Prachi broke up with Ranbir

Prachi told Ranbir to stay away from her and broke up with him, saying she never loved him and was after his money only. Abhi denied Riya’s request to call off his wedding. He called and invited Pragya for his Haldi Ceremony. Aliya was happy with his decision. Prachi told Shahana that she hurt Ranbir because of Riya.

As the episode started, Prachi messaged Ranbir to meet her in the college corridor.

Abhi was irritated because he didn’t want to go shopping. Riya was about to enter his room, but Aliya reached on time and took her aside. She told Riya that she would not let this happen. Riya asked, “why?”

Aliya said, whenever Pragya comes to Mehra Mansion, she brings problems. She reminded Riya that Pragya left you in your childhood. Now, if she starts residing here permanently, she will replace you with Prachi. You will lose your value.

Riya said, “I am aware of everything but I love Ranbir more than I hate her. I can bear anything for him.” “Have you gone mad? I will never help you in the future.” Aliya got angry. Riya said I didn’t need it and left. Aliya shouted in anger, “It is a huge mistake. You will regret.”

Abhi called Pragya when she was hiring a cab to reach the market. Abhi offered to send a car. Pragya denied. She said she was preparing to attend a very important wedding. Abhi said, though we fight a lot, our thoughts are similar. I, too, called you for that and to invite you to my Haldi Ceremony. I want to see happiness again on your face like the engagement day. Pragya said she would come and disconnected the call.

Abhi denied drawing back from his wedding!!!

Poorab entered Abhi’s room. Abhi asked him if he met his Pragya di? He continued, blaming me for all this but do you believe me now that I was not at fault.

Riya, too entered his room and asked: “Do you love me, dad?” Poorab reacted in surprise. Abhi said, do you still have any doubt? I am marrying Meera because of you only. Riya said, then please say no for my sake. They all were stunned.

Prachi broke up with Ranbir!

Prachi came to meet Ranbir. He was very relaxed to see her because he couldn’t talk to her for a while. He asked why she was sad? Prachi replied, “I am angry.”

Prachi told Ranbir that she left him without any further talk because she can get someone better than him. “Don’t feel bad. You are a good guy but I don’t like you.” She asked him to stay away. 

Ranbir thought she was joking and burst into laughter. Prachi said she was serious. “I don’t love you. I love money more than you.” She continued.

In the next scene, Riya couldn’t believe it when Abhi denied backing out from this wedding. She asked him, “Don’t you love me, dad?” “I do love you, but I don’t have to break this marriage to prove it. Cards have been distributed. All preparations are done. Moreover, if I step back now, Pragya will laugh at me. She will think that Meera doesn’t want to marry me.

Poorab told Abhi that you agreed to marry because of Riya, then why don’t you listen to her now?

Abhi replied, “Riya wanted me to marry anyone but Pragya so I decided to marry Meera. Now I won’t listen to her anymore.”

Aliya also reached there. She was happy that for the first time in life, Bhai is doing what she wants. Abhi told her to explain to Riya that nothing will change now.

Riya said, if you deny, I will run from the house. Abhi said, then you will see my anger. “Enough of this emotional blackmailing! It was my fault that I gave you liberty. Now I will bring you to track. No more discussion over this topic. Tomorrow is Haldi Ceremony. I am going for shopping with Meera. I don’t have anything else to say.” He left.

Riya said to Aliya, “what’s wrong with him? It is not about my mom and dad. It is about Ranbir. I can’t let this happen.

Aliya thought It was always about them. I was using you to keep your parents separate, but neither do I need you, nor do I need your love story anymore.

Aryan met Shahana and asked her why Prachi was avoiding Ranbir? Shahana said she might be settling the scores for what Ranbir had done to her. Aryan asked, do you think Prachi is that kind of a girl to take revenge?

Then Shahana laughed and said, perhaps they both are trying to avoid you and pulling your leg so that they have some privacy.

Prachi made Ranbir hate her:

Meanwhile, Ranbir asked Prachi, “Why are you behaving like this? You are a simple girl who values love.” Prachi said, I only pretended to be so, to win your heart.

Prachi told him that all she wanted was a luxurious life, money, and a big house. “I was always after money.” When you proposed to me, I was on the ninth cloud because of your rich family background. However, when you told me yesterday that you were about to leave your home because your mother is against our alliance, I realized my mistake. If you marry me, your family will disown you, then why should I be in this relationship?” Asked Prachi.

Ranbir said, you must be lying.

Prachi said I am from a lower-middle-class family. Ranbir said I am ok with it. Prachi said, but I am not. Ranbir said, I only need your love. I can stay with you anywhere. Prachi said, but I need a lavish life. I can’t stay in a small house. Money is the most important thing for me.

Prachi continued, “I thought you are the son of the owner of Kohli industries. Your car values more than my house. I can enjoy a rich lifestyle with you.” Ranbir said he would do everything for her. He will also earn in lakhs. Prachi said, don’t be kiddish. You may or may not earn.

Moreover, you will have to start from zero. I don’t have that much patience. Even Sanju used to boaster a lot about his wealth, but he would still be richer than you if I marry you.

Ranbir lost his patience when Prachi asked him to find a rich guy for her. Ranbir said I had never expected this from you. He said, “Riya warned me about you but I ignored her. You will suffer because those who don’t have love, loath life.” Prachi said, go to Riya and ask her shoulder to cry on. I think she will also not entertain you because everyone needs money. “You have betrayed me. You are a cheap girl. I will never forgive you.” Ranbir said and left.

Aryan and Shahana saw Ranbir coming. They thought he must have fought with Prachi; that’s why he was looking angry.

Shahana asked him about Prachi. Ranbir angrily replied, I don’t know where she is. All I know is she wants to break up with me. Why don’t you go and ask her? Aryan ran after him. Shahana went to see Prachi.

Ranbir was driving, and Aryan was with him. He told him everything. Aryan was also surprised. On the other hand, Shahana also had no clue about why Prachi wanted a breakup?

Prachi was crying. Shahana asked her why she was sad if she wanted to split up with Ranbir? Prachi said I did it because I was left with no other choice. She said I value my mom more than anything in this world. When Shahana asked if masi had asked for it, Prachi said she did it because of Riya.


Aryan tries to convince Ranbir that Prachi is not a materialistic girl. When Ranbir doesn’t listen, he hits him. Abhi and Pragya meet in the market, and Abhi shows concern when she coughs.

Will Ranbir be able to know the truth? Will Abhi agree to Riya and call off the wedding? Let’s read the next article.