AK vs. AK or rather AK(x2) vs. Entertainment

Netflix’s latest release AK vs. AK, was indeed on fire. As far as the viewers are concerned, they
would fire up all the cast and AK vs. AK team.

AK vs. AK:

The Star Cast are- Anurag Kashyap, Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Harshvardhan Kapoor
(basically Anurag Kashyap and all the other Kapoor’s). The director of the movie was
Vikramaditya Motwane. (Why, dude, why?) Avinash Sampath wrote the story. (Wait, was there a
story too?) The producer of the movie was Dipa De Motwane. (It’s all your fault.)
Netflix has taken the orphan child to them and said I would stream you. Don’t worry, my child.
(No wonder NETFLIX). Genres – Thriller (error 404, not found), Drama (more than required).

The plot of the story:

The story starts with Anurag Kashyap and Anil Kapoor’s interview, where they are ranting about
each other in front of the live audience. There begins the drama of the movie, their fight. The
fight extends, and it gets brutal as Anurag splashes a glass of water at Anil’s face. The media
and press said that Anurag was angry at Anil as he refused to work for him in a movie named.

Later Anurag decided to make up to Anil and goes on his studio set and tells him that his
daughter, i.e., Sonam Kapoor, is with Anurag. This all was not a kidnapping, and just a new
movie project for Anil, which has all the plots of real incidents and stories added Anurag.

Anil Kapoor is forced to be in this project as her daughter’s life was at risk and threatened.
Anurag gives Anil time till the morning to find his daughter and travels all along with Anil to
everywhere he goes. Moreover, the camera is continuously rolling. Anurag repeats this
statement as a reminder to Anil that whatever he does is getting recorded.

Assistant of Anurag Kashyap helps him plan everything for him and escorts him to Anil Kapoor’s
run to find his daughter. The story continued with another surprise, it was Anil Kapoor’s birthday,
and there was a birthday party planned at Anil’s place, but he had to find his daugh,ter, and the
most exciting catch was he can’t tell anyone about this. Not even to his manager or driver.

Struggling and strangling Anil to find his daughter begging in front of people, looking for her in
slums, and running barefoot on the road. This was all Anurag wanted. He wanted Anil to suffer
the pain and loss he incurred when Anil refused the offer for Kaalicharan.

The next morning happens, and when Anil Kapoor reaches the wrecked place where he hid
Sonam and what he sees, Sonam is not there. The fun fact, the area, was Anurag’s home.
Anurag claimed to have his parents at home, which too were not seen since the beginning, then
Anurag went to their room to check on them and finds that they also are not there. Then Anurag
realizes that his parents and Sonam both are kidnapped by someone else and have been kept
somewhere, which Anurag is unaware of.

Furious, Anil crashes on Anurag, slams him hard, and starts interrogating about his daughter?
Then Anurag gets a video call on his phone, and there he finds Sonam and his parents together
with kidnappers, and then a word from the kidnappers comes. Few placards which gave a
message find them before sunrise, or they will be dead.

Then Anurag takes Anil to the original location where he kept Sonam, but no one, no sign of
Sonam and his parents. Then again, a brawl starts between Anil & Anurag, where he shoots
Anurag with a gun and then saves his life by taking him to the hospital.

After Anurag is saved, the media gets a piece of news that Anurag kidnapped Sonam and his
parents and kept them in the basement of his apartment building. Anurag was unaware of the
incident, and when he was told about everything about the happenings by Anil, he also added
that whatever happened to him and you were planned, and I made the plan.

So the mega twist is here, Anil Kapoor was the man with the plan. He used Anurag’s assistant
too in his act and easily conned Anurag through his assistant.

In the final scene, Anil Kapoor is seen taking an award for this film, and Anurag is seen in the
mental asylum between the mads.