Sundar blackmails Imlie

As the episode starts, Aditya is forcing Malini to come with him. He doesn’t like the makeup done by Imlie. Aparna and Malini are trying to stop Aditya. Malini tells Aditya that she likes makeup. It’s like traditional makeup. Aparna asks Aditya, “why are you so stubborn?”.

Aditya again tries to pull Malini. As Aditya reaches near the main door, he finds a guest there. Aparna and Malini welcome the guest. Aparna says that now guests are coming. Malini tells Aditya, “we don’t have time to go anywhere as guests have started coming.” Aparna takes Malini inside.

Imlie is watching everything. Aditya goes near Imlie. He says, “I am trying hard to leave the memories, but you always bring those memories in front of me”. He says that he is feeling very sad. Aditya goes from there. Imlie tries to mimic Aditya. The functions begin. The guests start meeting Malini.

They give gifts to Aditya and Malini. All the family members are sitting there. Chaturvedi’s comes there. Malini becomes very happy with seeing her mother. Malini goes near her mother. She hugs Anu and Dev. Aditya goes near Dev and touches his feet. Aditya asks Anu, “can I touch your feet now?”

Anu says, “yes, sure.” Aditya touches Malini’s feet. Malini asks Anu, “are you still angry with me ?”. Malini says that she missed her parents very much. As Anu is going to kiss Malini’s forehead, she notices her makeup. Anu says that the makeup is looking disgusting. Malini says, “you don’t like the makeup.

It looks so traditional”. Anu says, “which products are used for doing this makeup?”. Imlie goes there. She says I will tell you about the products. She says that no expensive products are used in doing this makeup. Imlie says, “I used Gulab, mogra, Haldi, Chandan and some love of parents and inlaws.

Imlie says Malini is looking beautiful because of her husbands love. Anu says, “you aren’t even married, what do you know about husband’s love?”. Imlie says that she doesn’t know anything about husband’s love, but Malini’s glow and beauty are just because of Aditya’s love.

She says “I will always pray to the God that Malini’s and Aditya’s love remains same”. Dadi praises Imlie . She says “you are saying so deep things in such a young age.” Dadi says that Imlie has made Malini more beautiful. Imlie says that she is going to bring more snacks. Malini and Anu are standing near each other.

Dev tells Dadi that he is coming. Dev goes near Imlie. He thinks that Mithi must know Imlie as Pagdandiya is a very small village. He asks Imlie, “were those people from pagdandiya your relatives?”. Imlie thinks that Dev had seen Mithi and Satyakam with her. She thinks if Dev tells anybody about her relative, everyone will ask her, “why hadn’t Imlie introduced her relatives to anyone?”. Imlie says that she didn’t know them.

She says, “they must be laborers as many people come to Delhi from pagdandiya daily.” Dev again asks her, “you don’t know them”. Sundar hears Dev and Imlie’s talks. He realizes that Imlie is lying. He goes near Dev to tell him about Imlie’s lie. Imlie stops Dev in the middle and says, “don’t speak in the middle when two elders are talking.” She tells Sundar to serve the snacks. Anu comes there.

Anu tells Dev that Malini is searching for him. Dev tells Imlie that he is going near Malini. Anu asks Imlie, “what was my husband asking you ?”. Imlie tells her that he was asking me, “don’t you miss your village?”. She says that Dev asked her about her mother’s name. Imlie says that she never takes her mother’s name in front of strangers. She says it’s not good for her mother. Anu says, “he didn’t ask about your father’s name ?”.

Imlie answers by saying no. Meanwhile, Nidhi and Rupali are busy decorating Aditya’s and Malini’s room for their first night. Imlie is passing from there. Imlie feels a little sick. Rupali calls Imlie and asks her to come inside. Imlie says that she is doing some work. As Malini and Aditya go inside the room, Malini becomes very happy.

She praises Nidhi and Rupali for the decoration. Malini says that they have decorated the room very beautifully in very little time. Nidhi and Ruapli became very happy as Malini praises them. Anu comes there. Malini tells Anu that Nidhi and Rupali have decorated the room. Anu murmurs that the decoration is not that bad as Tripathi’s had not done it by any professional. Anu sits on the bed.

A cockroach climbs on Anu’s hand, and Anu shouts. Nidhi, Malini, and Rupali are all afraid of the cockroach. Aditya calls Sundar and tells him to remove the cockroach from the bed. Sundar tries to remove it, but he is afraid. Aditya goes there, and he removes the cockroach.

Anu calls the pest control company for Aditya’s and Malini’s room. Nidhi and Rupali become sad as they have to decorate a room again. Anu is very angry. She tells Malini to go to the hotel, but Malini refuses to go there. Anu says that Tripathi’s should do pest control in their whole house.

Aditya and Malini are given another room. Nidhi and Rupali again decorate the room. All family members are busy arranging beds for the guests. Rupali and Dhruv start having a silly argument. Pankaj stops them.

He says that Rupali and Dhruv are fighting like kids. Aditya and Malini are in their room, spending some time together. Malini gives Aditya a watch as a wedding gift, while Aditya gives Malini a Shawl.

He tells Malini that she can wear the shawl whenever she misses Aditya. Imlie goes to sleep in the kitchen, but Sundar is already sleeping there. Imlie tells Sundar to sleep at any other place. Sundar blackmails Imlie. He says that he will tell everyone that the people from pagdandiya were her relative. He says that he will tell everyone that Imlie is telling a lie. Imlie takes a bedsheet and sleeps near a door. She starts sneezing due to the cold.