Gum Hai Kisi ke Pyar Mein 1st january 2021: Pakhi decides to join her job

Ninad says to Pakhi to think once again about her decision to do her job. Pakhi says if Virat will change her decision of coming to be his wife as a doctor, even if he does, Sayi will not agree and wedded to Virat to get admission in a good college. Omkar and Saloni scream against Sayi. Pakhi says that she will look for a good job from today.

Bhavani says to her if Sayi can go out, even Pakhi can do the job, and she will never distinguish between her and Sayi. Pakhi says she understands Bhavani can never do partiality with anyone, and she is not competing with anyone. Her family and its dignity are above all for her.

Bhavani honors her. In the evening, Pakhi informs Bhavani that it is evening and will make evening tea. Omkar, Saloni, Ninad, and Bhavani begin with their favorite past-time of bad-mouthing Sayi. 

Pakhi and Karishma bring tea for everyone. Ashwini goes towards them and asks Karishma, where is her tea. Pakhi says she didn’t see her, so she didn’t get her cup. Bhavani screams not to explain to foolish people. Ashwini tells her she saw her importance seeing Pakhi not serving her tea. Pakhi says she honestly didn’t see her.

Bhavani tells her Pakhi doesn’t have to justify Ashwini as Pakhi is well educated and cultured with a master’s degree, and Ashwini is just 12th pass. Pakhi serves her tea. Ashwini replies she cannot have tea from Pakhi as she is just 12th pass.

Ninad tells Pakhi not to regard Ashwini as a low-income family and should be pleased that she wedded a rich family boy. She says she is pleased that she wedded Ninad, who ended her education midway and didn’t allow her further study, supposing she would get a job and become self-dependent.

Saloni tells her to follow Omkar. Bhavani says Ashwini always has issues with her, she implored everyone not to have lunch until Virat and Sayi return, but they haven’t till now. Usha gets worried for Sayi as she didn’t come back home yet.

Virat returns home back with Sayi holding balloons. Pakhi says Virat that he returned home with his wife, at last, she phoned him, and his phone got switched off, they were about to file a police complaint. Virat says if she didn’t remind the family that he is a police officer and went out with his wife. She says it looks like he dated on a picnic with his wife, leaving his family worried.

Bhavani screams that he went in the morning and returned home late at night. Virat tells them he went out with his wife, and it’s just late evening and not night. Saloni shouts that he is arguing with his kaki, followed by Omkar. Virat replies, what wrong did he do.

Ninad shouts not to become his father’s father. He is not in Virat’s favor as he is residing on his pension money, etc. Sayi says, what wrong did Virat say.

Ninad shouts at her next. Sayi burst balloons angrily and started mimicking news reporters’ look at the Chavan family carefully who have forgotten to laugh and live a happy life. She salutes Bhavani as the syndicate’s elder member who hasn’t smiled for ages. Bhavani yells, shut up. Pakhi then points at Ninad, who is an opponent of happiness and cannot see others happy.

She then recognizes Pakhi and asks if she will stand silently or add spices to the drama. Devi walks down and watches Pakhi staring at Sayi and says if they are playing the game, she will also join them. Pakhi tells them to join a lonely family member who risks her life and shares enjoyment, etc.

Bhavani shouts at Devi to go to her room and asks Virat if he can watch his wife’s misbehavior. Sayi replies she misbehaves if they understand so, she was very happy since Aaba left and she was enjoying her admission, but this family never gets happy and don’t want to.

Pakhi says Sayi can be pleased as it’s her honeymoon period but neglected that Samrat is missing and the family is in grief.

Ashwini asks Sayi to stop and says where she has been the whole day. Sayi asks if she is also furious with them. Ashwini says why shouldn’t, as she has to survive everyone’s wrath and blaming alone, etc. Virat says what is wrong if he spent some time out with his wife.

Ninad shouts next, followed by Saloni and Omkar. Bhavani screams at Virat that his wife halted family rules, etc. Sayi asks if they don’t get exhausted alleging each other so much, they add all spices together and debate; they have a special contempt against her and didn’t’ even adore her when she went for admission except Ashwini.

They are just busy doubting and shouting, this is not a home but a jail for her, so she is going to her room. Bhavani asks where she is going after contending with everyone. Pakhi says to Virat that his wife doesn’t want to stay with her family, so he should buy a new house and live with her. 

Precap: Virat stares at Sayi, mimicking a doctor. Bhavani says to Omkar and Saloni that tomorrow is Prabodhini Ekadashi, where they provide food to 11 poor people, and Sayi will get an excellent lesson during that.