Kumkum Bhagya: Riya offered a deal to Prachi

Poorab came to meet Pragya. Ranbir clarified everything to Prachi, and they reunited. Riya asked Prachi to sacrifice her love for her mom’s happiness.

The episode started with Ranbir talking to Aryan. He said I was concerned about my mom’s heart problem, and she was planning to break my heart. I decided to obey her because of Prachi. She was the one who made me realize that mothers bring us into this world, and there is nothing above a mother’s love.

But now, there is no burden on me. I will follow my heart. When Aryan asked him what he was planning to do, Ranbir said he would reunite with Prachi. “I was leaving my home for her earlier too, but because of my mom’s heart problem I couldn’t.” Said Ranbir. Aryan said Prachi would not accept you after being insulted by Riya. Ranbir said he would explain everything.

He was so excited that he shouted, “I love you Prachi,” and said, now no one can stop me.

Ranbir realized that his mom is not bad and whatever she did was also driven by her love, but he was also aware that neither Pallavi nor Riya were thinking about his happiness. “They are doing whatever they feel is right. I love you Prachi and I am coming for you.” He shouted again.

Poorab confronted Aliya for creating misunderstandings between Abhi and Pragya:

Meanwhile, Aliya was delighted to see Poorab. She hugged him, but Poorab was standing with a straight face. He confronted Aliya for spoiling Pragya and Abhi’s relationship.

He said people change with time, but you will never change. Aliya reacted like a naive. She said, now I understood you behaving with me like this. “Riya convinced Bhai. What is my fault? Why are you getting angry with me?” Asked Aliya. She continued, “Earlier Pragya chose Prachi over Riya. It was Riya’s turn now. She conspired for Prachi’s accident also and finally chose Meera over Pragya to settle scores.”

Aliya told Poorab about Diwali night too and said, “Pragya got Riya arrested. When they came here, Prachi taunted Riya a lot and accused her of being so unlucky to deserve a mother’s love. It ignited Riya. All she wanted desperately was a mother and she found Meera as the best option so persuaded Bhai for this wedding.”

Poorab could sense that Aliya was the mastermind for all this mishappening. Then he said he would stay in the guest room. Aliya said misunderstandings are shared between couples, but why are you keeping distance? Poorab replied we were never close and left.

Poorab met Pragya:

Pragya was serving dinner when Poorab reached her home. Prachi opened the door, and Poorab asked her to address his uncle and not sir.

Pragya was delighted to see him. They hugged each other. Then Poorab asked Pragya if she was aware of Abhi getting re-married? Pragya said, “yes, I am! and I am happy with his decision.” Sarita Ji asked him to join them for dinner.

Pragya asked him if he was in touch with Disha, but Poorab said he had no clue about her. Poorab thought not to discuss Abhi’s wedding in front of everyone and wait for the right time.

When Pragya realized that he visited Mehra Mansion first, she asked if he fought with Abhi? Poorab diverted the topic by praising her cooking skills.

Ranbir decided to meet Prachi to clarify all misunderstandings:

Ranbir was writing a letter to Prachi about how he said yes to Riya. Pallavi came and said she had something to tell him. Ranbir predicted she would confess her lie, but in contrast to his expectations, she started talking about why he put his life in danger for Prachi. “I was so worried for you when you were fighting with the robbers. I know you had feelings for her but you should move on. Start afresh.”

Ranbir was disappointed with her not confessing the truth. He said love in it’s purest form is without any lies and manipulations. When people start taking advantage of it, it no longer remains the same. People fail to differentiate between love and possessiveness.

Pallavi could not understand anything. She said he was behaving older than his age and advised him not to watch realistic cinema. Then she asked him to meet Riya because it was a very troublesome day in the Mehra Mansion.

However, whatever Ranbir said was not influenced by any movie. Rather it was his personal experience. He expected Pallavi to confess her lie, but she didn’t, which made him more determined. He said now no one could come between Prachi and me.

When Prachi entered her room after dinner, Ranbir was already there. She was unwilling to listen to him, considering he will only lie, but then Ranbir pleaded with her to give him a chance and said he would never show his face again if he couldn’t justify himself.

Ranbir explained everything. Right from Diwali night, he decided to leave his home for Prachi, but his mom got a heart attack. He said I recalled your words that mother’s love is incomparable. We should never hurt her, and she persuaded me to accept Riya.

You are one of the most important people in my life but I couldn’t be so selfish. If I had not agreed, she might have suffered more, and everyone would blame me for that. You would hate me. She recovered because I obeyed her.

Prachi said, “It is too late now.”

Ranbir continued, “Now mom is doing well. I came here to tell you the truth. I did everything to make you hate me. I never liked the girl wearing a short dress. I only like you. Wherever I stay, you will always be in my heart. I have done wrong and would accept any punishment.

He apologized and was about to leave when Prachi hugged him. She said, don’t say sorry. I believe you.

A serious conversation turned into a light comic chit-chat. Ranbir said, I promise I will never hurt you again. I am lucky to have you.

Then Prachi reminded him that he had said yes to Riya. Ranbir said, forget about it. I came into your room hiding, but next time I will come and meet everyone. He confessed his love once again and left.

Prachi slapped Riya!!!

Riya was getting furious, recalling Ranbir’s love for Prachi. When Aliya came into her room, she said Pallavi anty chose me for Ranbir because she knows I can endanger my life for him, but Ranbir always ignores me.

Aliya asked her to calm down because if she reacted in anger, it would spoil Aliya and Pallavi’s plan.

Riya met Prachi in the college and started arguing with her for Ranbir. Prachi retaliated and said she is aware of the truth. Riya shouted, “I hate you.” Prachi replied, you even hate your mom. I saw how you were trying to ignore her for Meera. Why don’t you see that mom is not happy with papa’s wedding? 

Riya said, I know mom loves me, and I did it all deliberately. I don’t want her to stay with me because she left me in my childhood, and now I want dad to do the same with her.

Prachi requested her not to do it. “She is your mom too.” Said Prachi. When Riya said she wanted both of them to cry, Prachi slapped her.

Riya asked her if she could do anything for her mother? When Prachi said yes, Riya asked her to leave Ranbir to bring happiness to Pragya’s life. The episode ended.

Will Prachi accept Riya’s offer? Will Poorab stop Abhi’s wedding? Stay connected for updates.