Choti Sardarni 1st January 2021 Written Update: What is Sarabjeet hiding?

Finally, at home, Param started smiling again and communicating with his stuffed toys. Meher asked him what he missed the most in the house. He replied that he didn’t miss anything as he had his family with him.

Meher asked, “What you missed the most in this house, your bed, pillow or toys?”

Param replied, “I didn’t miss anything as I had my Meher mom and dad. Father’s chest is the best bed and Meher mother is the best pillow.”

Sarabjeet went out to attend a call that made Meher suspicious again. Meher received a call from Vikram, and he said that he was planning to settle in Goa and would like to meet his son Karan for the last time. He confessed that Aditi really loved her, and he too was starting to fall in love with her.

“I have good news and bad news for you. Which one would you like to listen to first?” asked Vikram.

“Bad news,” replied Meher.

“So the bad news is that there is a scam of Rs 3,000 crore in Goa,” he said.

Meher laughed and replied, “And the good news is that you have been called to inspect the scam?”

Vikram smiled and replied, “Yes. I am planning to settle in Goa. I want to meet my son Karan before leaving,” he said.

“We too would like to meet you,” said Meher.

“I won’t be able to meet all of you otherwise it will be difficult for me to leave this city,” he said.

“If we want to move on, we must not run away from our past but live with it. Rest is up to you,” she replied.

“All of you have done a lot for me. Sarabjeet Singh ji is one of the best guys so never lose a guy like him. Also, I have realized how much Aditi loves me. She actually crossed her line only for the sake of my happiness. She is a really nice girl and I too am falling for her,” he confessed.

Aditi heard their conversation and smiled. After Vikram disconnected the call, he saw Aditi in front of her. Both of them hugged each other.

Meanwhile, Meher asked Sarabjeet what was bothering him? He replied that he was just bothered about a business deal. In the morning also, he left without having breakfast.

The moment Sarabjeet left for work, Aarti entered looking for Meher. She finally made a revelation that shook Meher.

“Please help me Meher. He would kill me. He beats me every day and even adds salt on my wounds,” she said.

“Who is he?” asked Meher.

“Sarabjeet Singh Gill,” she replied fearfully.

Meher got angry and shouted at her for blaming a guy like Sarabjeet. Aarti said that Meher misunderstood her words.

“No Meher ji, it’s not Sarabjeet. I named him because he considers the man who did all this right (unintentionally),” she said.

Meher asked, “Then who is the man?”

She hesitatingly replied, “My husband Tarkash Chandola.”

Meher was alarmed by the name she heard. She asked, “How can Tarkash ji do such a thing? He is such a nice man.”

Aarti interrupted, “Not at all. He is not a good man. He beats me badly. Till now, I faced everything. But now I won’t as he had started beating my daughter as well. I was a working woman but I dropped my job after the birth of my daughter.”

Meher got scared. Suddenly, Tarkash started calling for her. She went outside and asked Tarkash whether he was married or not.

“Yes, I am married and have a daughter,” he replied.

“Then why didn’t you ever bring them here? There have been so many parties in our house. Why didn’t you get them here.”

“My wife is a very reserved person and a proper ‘pahadi’ so I can’t bring her here. I have told her many times to socialize with people, but she never agrees,” he said.

Meher understood that he was lying. She went back to her room, but Aarti had already left in fear. Meher called Sarabjeet to inform her about Tarkash, but he was busy and told her to narrate everything later.

After some time, Meher went to her mother’s house for lunch. She saw an expensive and beautiful ancestral necklace and told her sister-in-law to wear it and keep it with her forever. She hesitated to do so as Kulwant was earlier against it. Kulwant had kept it for Meher to gift it to her when she would be at home. Kulwant, too stared at her as she wanted to give that necklace to Meher.

Meher refused to accept the necklace.

“Bhabhi, my mother mother-in-law gave this necklace to her, so it should be given to you now,” she said.

“Meher, but it looks beautiful on you,” Meher’s sister-in-law replied.

She hesitated a lot to wear that necklace and knew that Kulwant was getting angry deep inside by Meher’s decision of giving the necklace to her. But she was helpless as she didn’t want Meher to know the truth of Kulwant.

“No, but it is yours and my mother will never go against my happiness,” said Meher.

Kulwant had no option but to agree with her. After she left, Kulwant asked Meher why she was thinking so much. Meher replied that she was her daughter, and she always thought four times more than her.

“Your decision is never wrong Meher. But always remember one thing in your life, no matter how smart a child is, but a mother will always remain a mother. She is always two steps ahead.” said Kulwant.

Meher replied, “Mother, I am your daughter so I am always four steps ahead of you and take decisions accordingly.”

Is this a sign of another war between the mother and her daughter? Will Sarabjeet believe Meher when she would tell him about Aarti? What will Sarabjeet do when he gets to know about Tarkash’s real face? Watch tonight’s episode to find out.