Choti Sardarni: What is bothering Sarabjeet?

Choti Sardarni 31 december 2020

Kulwant Kaur was upset as Meher did not forgive her. Her hopes won after seeing Meher and other family members at her doorstep with a huge surprise planned for her. She had never expected that a day full of grief would end with a bucket full of happiness.

Kulwant smiled as she saw her daughter playing a ‘dhol’ at her doorstep with tears of joy in her eyes. Kulwant pleaded to Meher to hug her once.

“How much more will you punish me? You have forgiven your mother?” she asked.

Meher replied, “How can I forgive you mother. I won’t forgive you till you feed me ‘sarson ka saag’ and ‘makke di roti’.”

Kulwant hugged her and said, “Right now Meher. How much I have craved for your love for such a long time. From today onwards, there will be no differences between us.”

Meanwhile, in another room of the house, Param and his new friends continued to enjoy themselves. Yuvi came in and asked Param if his health was alright as he had made such dirty kids his friends.

Yuvi asked, “Oh Param, are you alright? I hope you are not ill? How can these dirty kids be your friends?”

Param replied, “Meher mother says that these kids will be my best friends.”

Sarabjeet and Meher entered and said that a car had come to take the kids to a hostel in Shimla. Meher told the kids to enjoy themselves there and study hard.

As all of them were leaving, Meher’s mobile phone started ringing, and she stayed in the room to receive the call. The call was from the same woman who met her in the gurdwara. She said that she was Aarti and told Meher to save her.

“Please save me Meher. He will kill me. Please save me from him. If I will die, he will be the one responsible for it,” she pleaded.

Meher continued to ask her who the person was and was about to give her the Gill Mansion address when Sarabjeet came and hit Meher from the back, due to which the phone fell on the ground. Meher looked at him and said that the lady was in trouble and there might be a risk to her life.

“Meher ji, who is that woman,” asked Sarab.

Meher replied, “The same lady who met me at the gurdwara today. She said she wanted to tell me something and meet me, but before I could give her my address, the phone fell.”

“I am sorry for breaking the phone. I will get it fixed. Now that woman is my responsibility and I will take care of the situation,” he said.

Kulwant invited Param, Meher, and everyone for lunch the next day. But Sarabjeet said that he had important work due to which he won’t be able to come. Sarabjeet looked disturbed, and Meher, too, suspected the same.

At the Gill Mansion, Harleen welcomed Sarabjeet, and all were happy to return home after a long time. Sarabjeet said that he feels complete with the presence of Harleen at home. In the midst of it all, Sarabjeet received a call from someone and looked disturbed while talking to the person. Meher asked why he was disturbed, but he made an alibi.

After a long time, the viewers saw a romantic moment between Sarab and Meher. After Meher came out from the washroom, he told her to change into the dress he had kept ready for her. She laughed and said that she would dress up when they were at home too for a casual dinner.

“Then you shouldn’t even use this hair dryer. You shouldn’t even bathe,” said Sarabjeet.

“Please don’t get angry Sarabjeet ji,” said Meher.

“I am not getting angry but I am actually angry,” said Sarabjeet.

At the dining table, Harleen said that she had made Param’s favorite dishes for dinner. But Param said that he would consume parathas as one shouldn’t waste food as many people don’t get food to eat.

“Param has learnt this from his ‘nest’ game,” he said.

Harleen replied, “Your game is over so please eat whole-heartedly now.”

Meher came and said, “Very good son. Never forget the problems that we had faced in the past.”

Harleen got a little angry by Meher’s words and asked her what was right in the thought. Why should they suffer if they have everything?

Meher asked Sarab for his opinion, but he angrily said that he didn’t have any opinion. Meher realized that Sarabjeet was still angry with her over the dress and performed a dance to cheer him up again. After some time, Sarabjeet forgave her, and both were enjoying a moment when Sarab started receiving calls from an unknown person.

Is Sarabjeet behind Aarti’s worries? Is that unknown person Aarti? Watch tonight’s episode to find out more.