Durgamati – Myths and Beliefs: Movie Review & Critical Analysis

Star Cast: – Bhumi Pednekar, Arshad Warsi, Mahie Gill’s, Karan Kapadia & supporting cast.

Director: G. Ashok

Based On – Bhaagamathie

Star Rating – 2

Available On – Amazon Prime

Released On – 11 December 2020

What’s in the plot?

The film starts with Ishwar Prasad, an official who vows to resign from his post if the govt fails to recover idols that were purloined over six months. This troubles his political rivals, who forge a concept to destroy his quality with CBI Joint Director Satakshi Ganguly Assistant Commissioner of Police Abhay Singh.

The two of them conceive to interrogate IAS Chanchal Chauhan, a detailed intimate of Ishwar, who is in jail for murdering her groom-to-be Sakti, who was Abhay’s brother.

To avoid attention, they shift her to Durgamati cottage, a ramshackle, purportedly haunted house within the outskirts of a town, for the interrogation. The CBI question Chanchal to induce some clues against Ishwar; however, she repeats that he’s an honest man.

They’re skeptical of his integrity with none proof in a very cryptic, however leading manner. Following the night, the evil spirit of Durgamati, also known as the Queen of that house before India got its independence took, takes charge of Chanchal and possess her.

The CBI team calls upon a specialist to analyze the matter, concluding that Chanchal should be schizophrenic as she looks to require a unique. He suggests that the CBI commit her to an Associate in the nursing asylum.

However, Abhay suspects that this could be a ploy by her to flee and arrange for a religious guru to search out if there’s paranormal activity. The guru suggests some indicators.

Later, Abhay discovers that those indicators point to the presence of ghosts within the cottage. He conjointly finds Chanchal symptom herself underneath the influence of the ghost. This results in Abhay taking Chanchal to a mental institution.

Ishwar visits her at the mental asylum, and it’s discovered that Chanchal had planned the complete issue to flee the CBI reciprocally for three hundred large integer bribe from Ishwar.

It’s conjointly discovered that Ishwar had forced Chanchal to kill Sakti (her fiancé) to cover his scam relating to a welfare project.

Meanwhile, Satakshi realizes that Chanchal was attempting to convey the reality of Ishwar’s crimes victimization the story of Queen Durgamati that she stumbled on from the varied writings and artifacts she had discovered within the cottage.

She conjointly finds proof of Ishwar’s misdeeds and the web site wherever he hides the villagers once killing Shakthi with a gun. Thus absolved, Chanchal is seen running a charity organization in memory of Shakthi. Satakshi then tells her that they thought they knew everything concerning her.

However, ne’er knew that she was an excellent magician in her childhood, which she knew Arabic. Chanchal replies by voice communication that she doesn’t apprehend Arabic, which shocks them, hinting that there was actual paranormal activity within the house.

A word from the Critics! Joginder Tuteja (Planet Bollywood) – 2.5/5 Stars. An entertainer which you can watch and enjoy with the whole family. Abbas Mustan does excellent work.

Vaibhavi V Risbood (Pinkvilla) – 2.5/5 Stars. Durgamati had a huge built up from the beginning till the climax and disappointed all the viewers in the end. Saibal Chatterjee (NDTV) – 1/5 Stars.

Bhoomi has the potential to win hearts by her performance, but she could have done better justice to the role. Talking about Music in the film! Baras Baras. Sung by – B Praak, Altamash Faridi.

Lyrics are written by – Tanishk Bagchi & Music given by – Tanishk Bagchi. Time Duration – 3:20. “Heer” Sung by – Malini Awasthi Lyrics written by – Dipti Misra. Music is given by – Naman Adhikari, Abhinav Sharma, Malini Awasthi.

Time Duration – 4:49 Final Verdict. If you are thinking of watching Durgamati, watch it at your own risk. There are quite mixed reviews about the story about the plot, and the cast. Comment down your part on how did you like the story.