Choti Sardarni: Sarabjeet takes a stand for his family

Choti Sardarni 29th December 2020

Meher was in a state of dilemma after the mysterious woman warned her against someone. Before she could reveal the person’s name and tell the entire truth, she saw Sarabjeet coming towards her, and she had to leave.

“Meher ji, please don’t believe him. He only pretends to be a nice guy, but only I know the real devil inside him. If he sees me here, he will kill me,” she said.

Sarabjeet and Meher left the gurdwara, and in the way, Meher continued to think about that woman as her warning echoed in her ears like a tape recorder. She even discussed with Sarabjeet about the same, but he told her not to worry.

Aditi called Vicky and asked him where he was, but he said that he was at the place where he should have been.

“I am at the place where you always stopped me to go. Do you even realize the sufferings my kids Karan had to endure because of you? If you dare to cross your limits now, then you will have it from me,” said Vicky.

Aditi shouted, “Till now I haven’t crossed my limits, but now I will. Today is the day to take the decision.”
Vicky asked her what she was about to do, but she told him not to interfere.

While Meher and Sarabjeet were returning home, a kid came shouting that somebody was trying to destroy Param’s house. All of them rushed towards their home.

When Sarabjeet and Meher reached, they were shocked to see Aditi on a tractor and were ready to raze their house. They tried to stop her, but she refused.

Meher said, “This is enough. She has already destroyed our previous life, I won’t let her ruin this one. I was mute till now but today I won’t stop.” “Don’t consider our courtesy as our weakness,” she added.

Sarabjeet said, “Enough Aditi. Till now I was quiet. But now I won’t be as the issue is related to my family and Meher. If you dare to eye on my house, then wait and watch.”

Sarabjeet and Meher were happy to see their entire family collected in the house. They both held each other’s hands like a pillar.

“If you won’t stop today, then I will forget about all the bonds. If a mother has to sacrifice her own life for the sake of her kids, she would do that willingly,” cried Meher.
Everyone, including Vikram, tried to stop her, but she was firm and said that she had bought the land and it will be entirely her decision to do what she would like to on her land.

Sarabjeet shouted, “Today Meher is not alone. Her sardaar is with her.”

Aditi was about to break the house with the bulldozer when a few cops told her to stop. A lawyer went to Harleen and handed over some documents to her. Harleen looked at Aditi and said she was a fraud as she had forged her mother’s marriage certificate illegally.

“It is true said that no matter how much we feed milk to a snake, it would remain a snake only and would bite one day. Aditi made a fake certificate of her mother’s marriage to get ownership of the house. Not only this, she took advantage of your innocence and chucked you out of your own house. Our mother was the first wife of our father. I was suspicious since the first day and so I appointed a lawyer to bring out the truth in front of everyone,” said Harleen.

She told the cops to arrest her and put her in jail. “Now my brother and his family will return to their home with pride and you will go to the jail,” she said.

Suddenly, Aditi felt a bit breathless and fainted. Sarabjeet immediately rushed to her and assured her that nothing would happen to her till he was alive.

Everyone forgot about their personal differences with Aditi and helped her in recovering. Meher and Sarabjeet took her inside their house and took care of her.

When Sarabjeet and his family were helping her out, she recalled the bitter things that she had done with them in the past, and it appeared that she started feeling guilty about the same.

Param went to Aditi and kept a few dry grass on the floor. He said that she might feel itchy starting at their home.

“When Param came in this new nest, I too used to feel itchy. But I would sleep on this,” said Param.

Kulwant asked that he slept on the floor. Param replied he did but on Sarabjeet’s arms, and so he never felt uncomfortable.

After hearing everything, Aditi felt sorry. Is Aditi really guilty? Will she realize her mistakes and apologize, or is it another plan laid by Aditi? Watch tonight’s episode to know more.