Imlie refuses to leave Delhi

As the episode starts, Aditya and other family members are standing at the door. Malini’s friend asks Aditya for money. Aditya refuses to give money. Aparna says, “it’s a part of marriage, don’t make a joke of any ritual”. Taiji says, “I am with Malini’s friends”.

Aditya agrees to give money. Aditya gives five thousand rupees to Malini’s friend. Malini’s friend says,” I can’t even buy a good lipstick with this money”. Anu comes there. She says,” leave it girls, Tripathi’s can give you as much as they can afford”. Anu starts Aditya’s Arti.

Anu takes money from Shashank and calls Imlie. Anu says, “take this money as a gift and distribute it between other servants also.” Imlie says, “I can’t take this because it is just money not gift”. She says, “give this money to Malini’s friends, I only take money for my work”.

Shashank thinks, Imlie tried to insult him. Aparna feels very proud of Imlie. Dev comes there. He tells Aditya, I was busy with some work. Dev welcomes Aditya and his whole family. Tripathi’s come inside. Malini is looking at herself in the mirror.

She says to herself, “I never wore so heavy jewellery”. Malini’s friends go near Malini. A girl says, “one bride is here and one bride is with Tripathis.” Malini asks, “whom are you talking about?”. Her friend says, “I don’t know her name but she is looking like a bride”.

She shows Malini a picture. Malini says, “I know her, she is Imlie and she is very intelligent and sweet”. Malini says, “it’s not good to make joke of hers, she is poor but very good”. Malini’s friend says sorry to Malini. Aditya and other family members are busy clicking pictures.

Aditya is worried about his staff member, who hasn’t arrived yet. Aditya tries to find Imlie. Rupali teases Aditya by saying, “have some patience, Malini will come soon”. Imlie is looking at Aditya from behind a curtain. Nidhi goes near Imlie and asks her for help.

Imlie says, “I can help you with any other thing but I can’t do this.” Nidhi again requests Imlie, and Imlie agrees to help Nidhi. Dhruv starts an announcement. He says, “Tripathis want to do something special for Aditya”. Aparna starts dancing, and Taiji joins her.

Rupali, Nidhi, and other family members also join them in dance. Aditya notices Imlie is also dancing with other family members. Dev looks at Imlie, and he remembers Mithi. Anu notices Dev looking at Imlie. Imlie feels very sad, and she goes from there.

Imlie sits near the garden and starts crying. Anu comes there. Anu asks Imlie, “what was your name?”. Anu says, “you always create the problem, don’t create any problem today”. She says Tripathi’s take you with them everywhere.

Anu asks Imlie, “Malini told me that on day of engagement, you went outside to find your father”. Imlie says, “yes, I was searching for my father.” Anu asks Imlie “what is your father’s name?, you know it or your mother haven’t told you about it.

Imlie says “ I never asked my mother but why are you asking about him?”. Anu says that she knows many people in meerabagh. She says she can help Imlie to find her father. Anu asks “when are you going back to pagdandiya?”. Imlie replies “very soon”.

Anu says “ next time when you go to pagdandiya, ask your mother about your father”. Anu asks Imlie “ how old are you ?”. Imlie says “I am eighteen years old”. Anu thinks that eighteen years ago Dev had gone to Pagdandiya . She thinks “its possible, Dev is Imlie’s father”. Imlie goes from there.

Anu prays to God that her fear should never become real. Satyakam and Mithi reach Tripathi house. Mithi sees that the house is very decorated. She asks Satyakam “do the people of City celebrate Diwali twice?”. Satyakam says “no, it’s not Diwali but it appears like its someone’s wedding”.

Mithi notices the poster of Aditya and thinks him as real Aditya. Satyakam says “ it’s not Aditya”. Sundar comes there. Satyakam asks Sundar “where is Aditya?”. Sundar says “ Our Sir is very punctual of time, he went with his family members”. Satyakam asks “where has Aditya gone ?”.

Mithi says that she is Imlie’s mother, she came here to meet her. Sundar funnily says “ you are Imlie mother?”. Mithi says “yes”. Sundar funnily says “ Imlie is like my boss, she is very respected here”. Sundar says “ I am working alone here and Imlie went with all family members to eat Icecream in the hotel”.

Mithi thinks Sundar is saying all truth, she becomes very happy. She thinks that her daughter is very happy here. Satyakam asks the name of the hotel. Sundar says “ask anybody about Kapadia Hotel, they will tell you the address. Satyakam helps Sundar in adjusting Aditya’s poster.

Mithi and Satyakam go from there. Meanwhile, Imlie is feeling very bad. She remembers that Satyakam always taught her to fight for her rights. She thinks that she is not fighting for her rights.

Aditya is searching for Imlie, and he comes near her. He tells her, “what are you doing here, my staff member is waiting at the door for you”. Imlie says, “I will not go from here, I want my rights”.

She says that Aditya always blames her for everything, scolds her, but she is not responsible for anything. Imlie tells Aditya that she will not live with her husband, inlaws, and Delhi. Aditya becomes very angry with Imlie. He says, “this is your real face”.

You were always searching for the right time so that you can blackmail me. Aditya says I will not let you blackmail me. He tells Imlie that he is not afraid of her; he will not give Imlie any money. He says that he will tell everything to Malini. Aditya grabs Imlie’s hand, and he goes near Aparna.