Choti Sardarni 25th December 2020 episode: Aditi asks Sarabjeet to choose between Param and Karan

Choti Sardarni 25th December 2020

After the cops took away Param in a ‘theft’ case, even after Param told them numerous times that he was innocent, Meher and Sarabjeet were worried about him. Meher rushed to Sarabjeet barefoot and narrated the entire incident.

“Sarab ji, how will we find him? We don’t even know in which police station they have taken Param,” cried Meher.

Sarabjeet tried to calm her down, and both rushed to the main road to get a life. Even after several attempts, nobody offered them a lift. They had no other option left but to accept the cycle, which a man had offered to them in exchange for money. Taking the cycle, Sarabjeet and Meher rushed to find their son Param.

On the other hand, Aditi got to know about Param’s arrest. She smiled wickedly and said that now was her chance to get Karan’s custody. She knew it well that Harleen and Vikram would try their best to get Param out of the police station. Since Harleen was at Khushi’s school, she wasn’t worried about her.

“I will have to give Vikram a pill so that he sleeps for some time, otherwise he will get Param out. Sorry Vikram, I am doing this for Karan,” she said to herself.

She asked her secret helper about the police station where Param was being taken. She thought about a plan to get Karan.

Meanwhile, Kulwant Kaur continued her search for Meher and her family. She was near the locality where her men last saw Meher and Sarabjeet. Bitu and Rana said that they could not find her in the area as nobody had seen them. Kulwant suspected that they might have changed their appearance to stay in that area as anyone would have identified them.

“I am sure they must have disguised themselves like poor people,” said Kulwant.

Suddenly, Param saw her grandmother when the cops were taking him in the police van. He shouted out her name loudly. Kulwant identified his voice and looked everywhere to figure out where the voice was coming from. She was about to go near the police van when Bitu and Rana broke her move.

“I heard Param’s screams,” she said.

“You are not well nowadays so it might be your illusion,” they said.

“Not at all, when I say that I heard him I have really heard him,” she yelled.

She pointed towards the police van and said that she heard his screams from the van. Bitu and Rana said that Param could never be inside the van as he wasn’t a criminal.

At the police station, Param couldn’t control his tears. He begged the cops to spare him as he was innocent, but they didn’t listen. They continued to blame him and term him as a thief. Param gets scared after seeing him with the criminal kids. Param was even handed over the number plate to allot him a number for his crime.

After reaching the police station, Meher and Sarab were highly disheartened as they saw Param badly weeping inside. Both of them were about to enter the police station when they saw Aditi coming out.

Aditi looked at them wickedly and said that Sarab’s ego was higher than his kids’ well-being, and due to his and Meher’s bad upbringing, Param is in jail.

“How sad, brother, because of your false decision, today Param us suffering. You are the reason why he is behind the bars today. What kind of parents do you both are? You can’t even raise your kids properly. If Param’s present is so scary, how will his future be?” said Aditi.

Meher felt guilty but said, “I will get my son out.”

Aditi asked, “But how will you manage to do so as you can’t use your title and real identity?”

Meher didn’t find it right to answer Aditi’s questions and went inside the police station to look for Param. Meanwhile, Meher kept an offer before Sarabjeet. She told him to hand over Karan to Manav if he wanted Param out.

“Bhai, I can easily get Param out of this jail in two minutes. I have got my lawyers along. You just have to fulfil one condition,” said Aditi.

“I am ready to fulfil any condition for the sake of Param,” pleaded Sarabjeet.

“She smiled and said, “If you want me to help you get Param out of jail, then you must give Karan’s custody to Vikram.”

Sarabjeet couldn’t believe what he heard. He said that he was ashamed of her and was sure that she wouldn’t be the sister he had considered. He was shocked as she was blackmailing him when he was already in a miserable condition.

“Today I am sure that you are not my sister. Aren’t you ashamed of blackmailing me in this state,” shouted Sarabjeet?

Aditi didn’t retaliate but told him to decide fast as he had less time to save his child. Param would be taken to Juvenile jail if he didn’t accept her offer.

“You don’t have much time brother. Grant me Karan’s custody and I will save Param from going to jail. Sign these documents stating that you are giving Karan’s custody to my husband,” she said.

When he refused to do so, she said that even if he disagreed, the video of Param begging for money would be sufficient to present in the court to get Karan’s custody. She even added that Karan wasn’t his blood child, and Param was.

Suddenly, the constables started calling each kid one by one to take them inside the van heading towards the Juvenile jail. The sight tensed Sarabjeet a lot and put him in a dilemma.

What will Sarabjeet do? Will he sign the papers to save Param, or will he rescue Param without seeking Aditi’s help?

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